Scottoiler 2020/2021 | What do You Want to See?

Posted 7 months ago by scottoilerryan

A new motorcycling landscape is upon us now. New challenges, product innovations and a whole lot of improvisation await all businesses supplying goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scottoiler recognise this and want to ensure that we’re at the forefront of all new, engaging and meaningful at this difficult time. As well as our own research to ensure we’re there, we want your input too!

Reply to this post, drop us a private message or e-mail us at with any idea surrounding Scottoiler and the chain oiling business. This could be your crazy idea for a new product (or product improvements), content that you want to see from the marketing team or certain install/technical guides. Don’t be shy – we’re all ears.

We hope you all remain safe and well, and below are some handy links to follow around COVID-19 if needed.

Thank you.

WHO Public Advice for staying safe from COVID-19

Advice for maintaining mental-wellbeing during the pandemic

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