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Posted 4 months ago by scottoilerryan

You may have heard the good news – Motorcycle Live is going digital this year! Scottoiler welcomes this decision as while the show is a great spectacle and social event the health of attendees and organisers must come first. Not to mention protecting the NHS.

Motorcycle Live Online is the innovative solution to upkeeping tradition and putting on a show all while keeping organisers, staff, exhibitors and attendees safe.  Featuring never-seen video content, throwbacks to memorable MCL moments as well as competitions and discounts – you won’t want to miss it!

That’s where we come in! Scottoiler felt due to reward those of you staying home and enjoying the virtual Motorcycle Live show! We’ll be running Show Offers all the way through the duration of the show – from the 21st of November to the 29th! Scottoiler kits – including the brand new eSystem v3.1. – accessories, Scottoil and FS 365 will all be heavily discounted during the promotion.

Keep an eye on Scottoiler’s social media pages (links below) and the website where you are to ensure you don’t miss out on any competitions too!

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