Want to solve chain maintenance hassles for your customer?

Scottoiler Automatic Chain Lube Systems maintain the chain and sprockets while you ride by regularly adding small amounts of Scottoil to the chain, helping to clean and properly lubricate the transmission so you (and they!) don’t have to.


Are there any other benefits to a Scottoiler?

Sure there are…..not only will a Scottoiler save your customer time, hassle and money, but a properly lubricated transmission will improve fuel economy, reduce chain slap and quieten the transmission.  In doing so it reduces the rate of wear of the final drive, making the chain and sprockets last much much longer. As a dealer, offering Scottoilers to your customers carries a number of benefits. You make your margin on the sale of the product, plus the fitting and you secure a happy customer for life who will keep coming back to you for Scottoil refills.

When’s the best time to sell a Scottoiler?

Scottoilers are best sold with any bike sale, new or used, or when a bike is in for a service and you see the first signs of transmission maintenance neglect.   Our experience shows that selling Scottoilers does not impact on chain and sprocket sales, instead it generates additional revenues way in advance.

How do I become a Scottoiler dealer?

Scottoiler is now expanding in the US - You can register your interest and start the order process to receive goods direct from Scottoiler’s US warehouse. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll get you setup with an account that meets your needs.