At Scottoiler we work with a number of different people throughout the bike trade and all over the world.  For further information follow the link to their webpages.


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California Superbike School -

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Carole Nash Insurance Brokers -

Carole Nash, the largest motorcycle insurance brokers in the UK, has teamed up with Scottoiler to offer discounts on certain Scottoiler kits to all customers taking out a new policy and those renewing their existing policy. The special offer being run by Carole Nash includes only a small number of products which are believed to reduce the risk of an insurance claim. Included in the list of items are alarms and tracking devices from Acumen, crash protection from R&G Racing, protective clothing from Draggin’ Jeans and bike training and tours from MCI Tours. Including the Scottoiler, all are considered risk reducing when it comes to insurance claims. The Scottoiler specifically offers reduced risk of chain failure as it keeps the transmission is premium condition throughout its life.

Phase 1 Endurance

The Short Way Round -

MCI Tours -

Check out the weblinks listed here to find out more about some other people and companies that are important to us here at Scottoiler:

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  We are currently launching our first product into the cycle market.   The Scottoiler CYCLE S1 system is the first fully automatic chain lubrication system for bicycles. First tests have show efficiency increases of over 5%. Automatic chain lubrication, the revolution in chain performance.   For more information go to

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