Where In The World? (With the Traveller)

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Commemorating the forthcoming launch of the new Traveller Expansion Bag (which you can read all about here) is a wee fun post from us which shows you where you can ride to without having to top up your reservoir! Unless you have developed the ability to ride on water you will have to get on a boat for a while, but it is a good opportunity to put your feet up plan your trip to more exotic places.

We’re charting our journey from Milngavie, Glasgow – your journey may be different.

Berlin, Germany


A spanning view of the impressive capital city.

A hub of poignant and engaging history, ride to Berlin to take in the sobering stories that the capital has to offer at the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall (featured at the East Side Gallery). Some holidays are about relaxing without a care in the world – some are and should be about learning, understanding and mourning the deep history of countries too.

Food is a highly important component of German culture also, with delicious Currywurst a common staple for any tourist passing through. Fancy a quick bite when taking a break from your city ride? Look no further. We urge you to enjoy your steins AFTER you’re done with riding for the day however – nothing wrong with a few cold ones, especially on holiday but you know the drill.


Currywurst – the beer snack of dreams.

Speaking of beverages, Berlin is known as the party capital of Europe! Don your best leathers and head on down to famous haunts such as Berghain, Belushi’s and the Kit Kat Club. Definitely beats heading down the local for a few.

All sounds very care-free and relaxed, right? Make your ride down to Berlin as equally as stress-free with the Traveller Expansion Bag topping up your chain oiler reservoir as you ride. Check it out here!

Budapest, Hungary

budapest-hungary-traveller expansion-bag

The iconic Parliament House Building – as seen from the River Danube.

Remaining on a European capital city theme, we take a look at another cultural hotspot, as well as popular tourist hotbed Budapest. That shouldn’t put you off however, given this amounts to a cultural melting pot and a frenzy of unique smells, tastes and experiences.

The Great Market Hall – better than the local food court, probably.

There’s clear sinews of Neo-Gothic Architecture running through this historic city – this can be exemplified clearly by the Great Market Hall. This is THE place to secure Hungarian delicacies and trinkets, with all the assorted pickled vegetables and meats on offer to acquire. If culture doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with food (unlike ourselves) then you could wander up to Buda Castle (don’t recommend the uphill ride) to take in some 13th century sights and architecture. The site contains a formidable triple threat of the National Gallery, the Castle Gallery and Széchenyi Gallery. If you like a bit of art this sounds like a no-brainer for yourself.

Lenin, Marx and Engels – peak communism in Hungary wasn’t without it’s characters, with Memento Park providing an open-air insight into this turbulent period. Statues and plaques, as well as generally hard-hitting memorabilia will take you back – all whilst soaking up the rays. Two birds with one stone.

Feel the need to brush up before you go? Spend your time before researching and learning key phrases, not worrying about keeping your chain well oiled! If you’ve got a Scottoiler chain oiler then fret not, you’re sorted – if not, check out your options here.  No Hassle, Just Ride.

Nice, France


The beautiful south coast of France – surely a trip to Nice is worth the ride?

Taking you through the lush and leafy countryside of France, as well as room for a few city breaks along the way, the trip to the South Coast certainly won’t disappoint. Be it the gastronomic capital of France in Lyon, or the unofficial capital of champagne in Reims your ride over certainly certainly beats the M9.

Once you arrive in the sunny locale itself, you can take advantage of the postcard-esque climate, delicious fresh food and the easy-ride roads between Nice and Monaco! If you’re feeling ready to mix with royalty, that is. If you’re wanting to visit only one picturesque sunny coastal haven on your travels, there’s plenty to do within Nice. Cultural hotspots such as the Old Town, dotted with cathedrals and markets ahoy bring both the history of the place and it’s current culinary standing in to clear perspective. If you head down in February, there’s a very good chance you’ll catch the Carnival, with grotesquely large floats, crowds and amounts of alcohol consumed during party season. If you enjoy a little carnival from time-to-time then this tour could be perfect for you.


See what we mean about grotesque?

Furthermore, going by the photos, you can get picked up by a seagull for free (they’re nothing short of ginormous) and dropped into the sea. Bungee jumping on a budget!

Hot temperatures on the south coast (no complaints here) ensure that you’ll need some Scottoil High Temperature Red instead of the Scottoil Blue we know and love.

The Common Denominator..

The Traveller Expansion Bag! As we may have mentioned (once or twice) it’s our latest range-extender offering, replacing the classic Lube Tube and Magnum HCR. The Traveller has been built for both new machines and classic bikes, fitting across a wide variety with all manners of climates and conditions possible too! traveller-expansion-bag-scottoiler-chain-oiler-system

The range extender in question – sleek, easy-to-fit and robust.

While this post illustrates sun-kissed, romantic tours across Europe the Traveller is just as suitable for your everyday commute too! Simply attach the bag to the bike, fill it up and attach it to the reservoir. Remove all worry of topping up as the Traveller extends range by at least 2500miles/4000km – that’s a fair few “there and backs”.

Where Can I Get One?

The Traveller Expansion Bag is launched on the 27th of January, with stocks available to purchase both from www.scottoiler.com as well as all reliable motorcycle dealers near you! We can’t promise you a tour to the South of France – but we do promise to make it easier!

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