Who uses Scottoiler Chain Oiler Systems?

Scottoiler chain oiler systems bring benefits to all motorcyclists. No matter if you ride your bike a little or a lot, go to work or around the world, using a Scottoiler system will save you time, money and hassle.

Scottoiler for Weekend Rides

Ride-out, Weekend or Holiday? We got you covered!

No matter if you just want a quick blast on the weekend or preparing for a long bike holiday – a Scottoiler chain oiler system will take away the dreaded task of constantly cleaning and lubricating your chain.

Did you know that according to your bike’s handbook you should completely clean and re-lube your chain ever 300 miles? Only if you follow this strict chain maintenance regime you can expect your chain and sprockets to last its average lifespan and to be safe on the road.

A Scottoiler system will automatically lubricate only when you ride. Due to the low-tack Scottoil, the lubrication is much cleaner and more efficient than your average chain spray. And a cleaner chain means your chain will last longer, saving you money on repairs and replacements and keeping you safe on the road.

“30,000 miles on the original chain and sprokets on a 1000cc bike. What more can I say… except I have only adjusted the chain twice!”
– Phil, UK / Kawasaki KLV1000

Scottoiler for Commuting

Commuting to Work Made Easy

Commuting on a motorbike makes the daily trip a lot better. We are generally faster and less stressed at our final destination. All benefits of commuting.

But, with regular bike trips also comes the dreaded chain maintenance. Depending on your daily commuting distance you will be hitting the average 300 miles cleaning and re-lubrication range that your motorcycle handbook recommends at some point during the week, or latest on the weekend.

The last thing you want to do after a day at work is getting down on your hands and knees and start cleaning and lubricating your motorcycle chain.

Scottoiler automatic chain oiler systems are the perfect solution for everyone that rides their bike more than once a week, especially if you are commuting on your motorbike. The entire chain maintenance is taken over. Not only does a Scottoiler save you time and money on lubricating your chain, it increases the life of chain and sprockets, saving you money on repairs and replacement parts.

Scottoiler for Racing and Trackdays

Racing and Trackdays – Improve Transmission Efficiency

Scottoiler has a proud tradition in helping established race teams get the best out of their bikes.While chain efficiency might only make out a few % of your overall bike performance, the difference between a properly maintained and a neglected chain can be huge.

A properly lubricated chain will run smoother, and more efficient than a dirty or dried out chain.

No matter if you are looking for some extra seconds off the clock, a cleaner chain is also a safer chain. Failing chains will leave you stranded on the side of the road, or even worse, can lead to an accident. Whatever you do, stay safe and look after your chain.

“The new eSystem really does bring the idea of chain lubing into the present and beyond. Its great to have them on all our bikes, as it reduces mess and we can adjust them to suit the weather conditions.”
– Andy Ibbott – California Superbike School Coach

Scottoiler for off-road

Off-Road Bikes – Lots of Dirt and Grit

When you are out on your off-road bike dirt and mud are naturally always part of the fun. For chain maintenance on off-road bikes, traditional lubrication is not advisable. Dirt and grit will stick to your chain lube, quickly creating a sandpaper-like grinding paste that accelerates chain wear.

You are left with two options – you can either run your chain dry without any lubricant – the result is a chain that will wear out really quickly – or you can run an automatic chain oiler system that uses non-stick lubricants.

You can adjust your chain oiler in a way that should dirt or grit fall onto your chain the lubricant will encapsulate any particles and take it off the chain. The result is a cleaner and well-protected chain.

Scottoiler for Adventure

Around the Country or Around the World?

Scottoiler chain oiler products are particularly useful for everyone that goes on long trips – may it be just around the country or around the world, with a Scottoiler system your chain maintenance is covered. No more carrying around a can of spray lube and stopping to reapply lube every 300 miles.

Enjoy your trip, knowing that your chain is looked after.

To extend the range of your Scottoiler system you can add our Lube Tube Flexible Touring Reservoir. The reservoir extends the range of your normal Scottoiler system by up to 3000 miles.

“We have always been convinced of the value of Scottoilers and knew we wanted them on the F800GS for our London to Beijing Expedition. You do not want the hassle of lubricating and adjusting your chain at 5000 metres altitude and with a Scottoiler fitted we won’t be.”
– Kevin Sanders – Co-founder of Globebusters