vSystem – vacuum chain greaser

When you connect a vSystem motorcycle chain lubricator to your motorcycle, you have a system that automatically turns on when you start your motorcycle. When operating under engine vacuum, vSystem lubrication does not absorb any power and does not affect the performance of your engine because it only works under vacuum.

It is easy to install and fits most motorcycles in an hour or two. Check out the motorcycle-specific installation guides to find out how easy it is to install them.

xSystem – electronic chain lubricator

The Scottoiler xSystem is the easiest to install and most user-friendly chain lubricator to date. The revolutionary design makes the xSystem super compact while ensuring optimal chain lubrication. The new Scottoiler xSystem is ideal for your commuter or traveler looking for a discreet solution for chain maintenance.

The xSystem chain lubrication kit, including the xSystem unit, includes the new dispenser that makes installation as simple as possible, a 250 ml bottle of Scottoil, providing more than four tank refills, pipes, clips, a set of installation instructions and a user guide.

The xSystem unit can be mounted in different places, such as on the frame or under the saddle, depending on the rider’s preferences.

eSystem – electronic chain lubricator

The eSystem is our award-winning motorcycle chain lubrication system and Scottoiler’s flagship model. Voted MCN Product of the Year, its fantastic technical characteristics, ease of installation and on-road performance combine to create the most advanced motorcycle chain maintenance tool we have ever developed.

Updated to v3.1 to reflect technological advancement, v3.1 benefits from software and hardware upgrades – with memory retention settings between paths, self-calibration and new bitrates added – making it our offering of high-end chain greasers.

The eSystem v3.1 is an electronic pump motorcycle chain lubricator that requires only a small battery to operate. It can be installed on most bikes in less than an hour by connecting the cable harness to the battery; This plug and play connectivity means that the eSystem is the simplest motorcycle chain electronic lubricator ever developed. Unlike some other products, there is no complicated wiring or connection to speedometers or switches.

Comparez les systèmes

  • Augmente la durée de vie de la chaîne et des pignons
  • Améliore les performances
  • Réduit considérablement la maintenance de la chaîne de moto
  • Vous fait gagner du temps, de l'argent et des tracas
  • 21.84 x 21.84 x 6.6 cm; 650 Grams
  • Système de graissage de chaîne activé par le mouvement
  • Connexion simple et directe à la batterie de la moto
  • Installation facile et conviviale sur toutes les motos
  • 15 débits - maintenant avec un choix supplémentaire pour une lubrification précise
  • Vous économise du temps, de l'argent et des tracas
  • 23 x 22 x 6 cm; 675 Grams
  • Electronique, alimentation pompée
  • Installation facile directement sur la batterie de la moto
  • Indépendant de la température
  • Réglage sur le guidon
  • Marcher avec vitesse
  • Réservoir de 60 ml
  • 10 réglages de débit
  • Retour visuel sur l'écran du tableau de bord multifonction

Scorpion Double Injector

By dividing the oil flow at the end of the system distributor, it will deposit oil on both sides of the sprocket and improve the accuracy of oil application on the chain. Some think it’s a much more efficient method to make sure the chain is in perfect condition, while others think it’s a more orderly installation than an injection setup. the standard.

What’s in the box?
The dual injector includes the parts needed to fit most motorcycles. To find out if the dual injector is compatible with your vehicle, see the vehicle-specific installation guides.

Traveler extension bag

The Traveller extension bag acts as a range extender, connecting to any Scottoiler chain oil tank to provide additional chain oil for those long journeys, or to make filling your daily journeys less frequent.

Eliminate any additional maintenance issues on your bike with the Traveller – allowing you to spend more time on the road! The Traveler’s malleable and versatile material means it can easily fit any bike, ensuring safe storage of your excess chain oil.

With the easy-to-use rotational lock connector, the oil will continue to fill your Scottoiler’s tank while you drive worry-free on the road.

Scottoil Charging Lubricants

Scottoil Refill lubricants come in 2 different forms: Standard Blue Scottoil and High Temperature Red Scottoil.

What’s the difference?
Both oils have the same chemical composition, although High Temp Scottoil is more viscous and therefore slightly thicker, meaning it will flow more slowly at higher temperatures than traditional Blue Scottoil. Apart from that, they are identical and can even be mixed. Thus, if you switch from one oil to another, there is no need to rinse the system and start again, they will mix, thus avoiding waste.

Your choice of oils depends on the average temperatures you usually encounter. Between average temperatures between 0 and 30 ° C, we recommend the Standard Blue Scottoil. For higher average temperatures, opt for red as it will be a more suitable lubricant on the chain and will also be easier to regulate through vacuum operating systems. High temperature red Scottoil should be used at average daily temperatures between 20 and 40 °C (68 and 104 °F).

FS 365 Complete Bike Protector

FS 365 is a mixture of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water, which forms a stable micro solution. This forms an effective layer of corrosion protection, which adheres to all surfaces and grows over time with each application. FS 365 is water soluble and easily biodegradable, making cleaning easier because any dirt that adheres to the FS 365 layer is easily removed.

FS 365 serves as both a protective barrier and a disruption to the chemical processes involved in corrosion. With regular application, FS 365 makes it easy to clean your motorcycle and strengthens the layers of protection. It can be used on all types of materials. Just spray it on plastic, metal, engine components, pipes, carbon fiber and anodized surfaces, it does not affect them in any way and will only leave a thin layer of protection that can be polished to a beautiful shine.

Scottoiler Knowledge Base and Support

Not sure if our chain lubricators are suitable for your bike? Do you need help with installation? Follow this link to access our dedicated knowledge base and answer these important questions!