vSystem – Universal Chain Oiler

When you connect a vSystem motorcycle chain oiler to the bike you have a system that automatically gets to work when you start your motorcycle. Whilst it is operated by the engine vacuum, the vSystem oiler does not absorb any power or affect the performance of your engine because it is purely vacuum operated.

It is easily installed and can be fitted to most bikes in an hour or two – check out the bike specific install guides to find out how easy it is to fit.

xSystem – electronic chain oiler

The Scottoiler xSystem is the easiest to install and most user friendly chain oiler yet. The revolutionary design makes the xSystem super compact whilst providing optimal chain lubrication. The new Scottoiler xSystem is perfect for your modern commuter or tourer, looking for a discreet solution to chain maintenance.

Included in the xSystem chain oiler kit is the xSystem unit, including the new dispenser that makes installation the easiest yet, a 250ml bottle of Scottoil, providing more than four reservoir refills, tubing, clips, a set of installation instructions and an operating guide.

The xSystem unit can be mounted in different locations, e.g. onto the frame or under the seat, depending on rider preference.

Scottoiler eSystem Box Contents with Blue Oil

eSystem – electronic chain oiler

The eSystem is our award-winning, premium motorcycle chain lubrication system and the flagship model from Scottoiler.  Voted MCN Product of the Year its fantastic technical features, ease of installation and on-the-road performance combine to create the most advanced motorcycle chain maintenance tool we have ever developed.

The eSystem is designed to give the rider maximum flexibility and adjustability of their flow rate and allows for simple, one-touch changes to adjust the rate to suit conditions.  Therefore the eSystem puts the rider in control and provides simple, intuitive means to dynamically adjust the rate to suit your needs.


  • Vacuum operated, gravity feed
  • Model-specific installation guides available online
  • Temperature sensitive
  • Adjustment on reservoir
  • On with engine
  • 50ml reservoir
  • Analogue range of settings
  • Electronic, pumped feed
  • Easy installation straight to the motorcycle battery
  • Temperature independent
  • Adjustment on reservoir
  • On with engine vibration
  • 60ml reservoir
  • 5 flow rate settings
  • Flashing LED on reservoir
  • Electronic, pumped feed
  • Easy installation straight to the motorcycle battery
  • Temperature independent
  • Adjustment on handlebars
  • On with riding speed
  • 60ml reservoir
  • 10 flow rate settings
  • Visual feedback on multifunction dashboard display

Scorpion Dual Injector

By splitting the oil flow at the dispenser end of the system it will put oil onto both faces of the sprocket and improve the accuracy of the application of the oil to the chain. Some people find this to be a much more effective method of ensuring the perfect chain condition, while others find it to be a neater installation than a standard injector setup.

What’s in the box?

The Dual Injector includes parts required to fit most bikes.  To find out if the Dual Injector is compatible with your bike check out the bike specific installation guides.

Scottoiler Lube Tube

Lube Tube

Put simply, it increases the distance you can ride before you need to refill your system with oil.  The basic Scottoiler kit will give you between 500-1,000 miles in range before requiring a refill.  With the Lube Tube fitted you can increase this by up to 3 times.

What’s in the box?

The Lube Tube is an additional silicone reservoir which takes up only the smallest of spaces on your bike.  There is sufficient oil included in the kit to fill the Lube Tube, with some left over to refill the main reservoir as well.  It comes complete with all the necessary parts required to add it to your existing Scottoiler system, so fitting is a simple, plug and play process.  All you have to do is decide where to put it.

Scottoiler Scottoil Lubricants

Scottoil Refill Lubricants

Scottoil Refill Lubricants comes in 2 different forms: Standard Blue Scottoil and High-Temperature Red Scottoil.

What’s the difference?

Both oils have the same chemical makeup although the High-Temperature Scottoil is more viscous and therefore slightly thicker, meaning it will flow more slowly at higher temperatures than traditional blue Scottoil. Other than that, they’re the same and can even be mixed. So if you’re changing over from one oil to the other there’s no need to drain the system and start again, they’ll blend, saving you waste.

Your choice of oils is dependent on the average riding temperatures you usually experience. Between average temperatures of 0-30°C (32°F-86°F), we recommend Standard Blue Scottoil. For higher average temperatures go for Red as it will be a more suitable lubricant on the chain and will also be easy to regulate through the vacuum operated systems. The Red High-Temperature Scottoil should be used in daily average temperatures of 20-40°C (68°F-104°F).

Scottoiler FS 365 Corrosion and Bike Protector

FS 365 Complete Bike Protector

FS 365 is a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water, which forms a stable micro solution. This forms an effective layer of protection against corrosion, clinging to all surfaces and building up over time with each application. FS 365 is water soluble and readily biodegradable which further helps when it comes to cleaning as any dirt which sticks to the FS 365 layer is easily washed away.

FS 365 works as a barrier protector as well as disrupting the chemical processes involved in corrosion.  With continued re-application, FS 365 makes cleaning the bike easier and builds up layers of protection. It is safe to use on all materials.  Simply spray it on to plastic, metal, engine components, hoses, carbon fibre, anodised surfaces as it won’t affect them, only leaving a thin layer of protection which can be buffed up to a nice shine.