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The Traveler Expansion Bag is Scottoiler’s newest product on the market, the benchmark for clip-on motorcycle expanders. With a foldable bag that easily fits and adapts as a tank, the Traveler has been shaped to fit both newer compact machines and larger classic bikes.

The traveler fits all three of our chain oiler systems, connecting to the reservoir via an easy-to-use twist-lock connector. Two Traveler adapters are included: one for xSystem and one for vSystem and eSystem. The bag fits easily to any bike, with fixing holes present on the bag to ensure the bag can be fitted with ease.

The Traveler Expansion Bag is perfect for both the regular commuter looking to avoid the hassle of filling up a tank as well, and the long haul tourer needing the extra mileage!

*The Traveler will use nearly 200ml when fully filled, but we based our runtime calculations on 125ml, which is the likely fill level on more compact machines. At 200 ml the range could be up to 5,500 miles (6,400 km). With 125 ml, the Traveler extends the range up to 2,500 miles (4,000 km).

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