eSystem Display Bracket & Screws


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SKU: SA-0760BL

The eSystem display bracket & screws fits to the back of the eSystem Display Unit allowing it to be mounted in numerous different locations due to its reversible and rotatable orientation design.

The eSystem display bracket can be secured to the eSystem Display Unit using M3 self tapping screws. The display has 4 mounting points on the rear offering 8 different mounting options for the bracket. Once secured to the bracket, the display can be secured to the bike. You can use any mounting screws or bolts up to 6mm diameter for this.


If you are looking for a different way to fit your eSystem Display Unit, please see our Dual-Lock sticky fasteners.

Watch out video of how to fit the Scottoiler eSystem to your bike, however, if you’re not sure about the best installation, you can check out our model-specific install guides.

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