Scottoiler Dual Injector

The Dual Injector allows you to upgrade your standard single injector to a twin feed which lubricates both sides of the chain simultaneously.

Scottoiler Dual Injector
  • Splits oilflow into two separate channels
  • For a more accurate lubricant delivery
  • Let's you reduce the flowrate and extend rage
  • Especially useful if you ride in harsh conditions
  • Or just want to reduce throw-off
  • Multiple mounting options
Scottoiler Dual Injector

What does it do?

By splitting the oil flow at the dispenser end of the system it will put oil onto both faces of the sprocket and improve the accuracy of the application of the oil to the chain. Some people find this to be a much more effective method of ensuring the perfect chain condition, while others find it to be a neater installation than a standard injector setup.

What’s in the box?

The Dual Injector includes parts required to fit most bikes.  To find out if the Dual Injector is compatible with your bike check out the bike specific installation guides.

How does it work?

It works by simply splitting the oil flow at the end of the system and then feeding the oil to both sides of the sprocket face through two separate injectors.