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Chainoiler systems are accessories for your motorcycle that take over the entire chain maintenance regime. Automatic chain lubrication means no more messing around with dirty chains and more time to ride.
Lubricates your chain while you ride
Increases chain and sprocket life
Cleaner & more efficient transmission
What motorcyclists worldwide are saying
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“I have the original chain and sprocket on my Hayabusa from the year 2000. And now I have 40,000 miles on the clock... :-)"

Harri, Finland / Suzuki Hayabusa

“30,000 miles on the original chain and sprokets on a 1000cc bike. What more can I say... except I have only adjusted the chain twice!”

Phil, UK / Kawasaki KLV1000

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We have created a fantastic resource that explains in detail why and how your motorcycle chain wears and why cleaning and lubricating your chain regularly is so important. In the second part of the ebook we then show how automatic chain lubrication can make your life easier and safer and how you can save money on replacement parts and workshop time.

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Scottoiler Chain Oilers

Leading manufacturer of chain oiler systems is a knowledge campaign of Scottoiler Ltd. We are trying to spread awareness about chain wear and what you can do to improve chain and sprocket life and your chain maintenance regime. No matter if you need or want a Scottoiler system the aim of this resource is to make your life as a motorcyclist easier and more enjoyable.

Learn more about Scottoiler and the different chain oiler systems on our website:

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