SUMMER SPECIAL eSystem with Scorpion Dual Injector

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  • Standard Blue (0-30˚C) SKU: SO-9050
  • High Temp. Red (20-40˚C) SKU: SO-9055

The Scottoiler eSystem Electronic Chain Oiler is an electronically pumped chain oiler, which automatically lubes your chain while you ride.

The Scottoiler eSystem is the most advanced chain lube system available in the world today. This kit contains a 250ml bottle of Traditional Blue Scottoil, which is suitable for ambient temperatures of 0-30°C (32-86°F). If you require hot temp oil, suitable for ambient temperatures of 20-40°C (68-104°F), please state this at the checkout.


As a summer special we are now offering the eSystem together with our new, best selling accessory, the Scorpion Dual Injector. The easy-to-fit and discreet twin feed provides enhanced oil delivery to both sides of your chain. Replacing the standard dispenser it works by feeding oil simultaneously to both faces of the sprocket through its unique twin feed pincer nozzles.

Learn more about the Scottoiler eSystem Electronic Chain Oiler on the product page.

Learn more about the Scorpion Dual Injector on the product page.

  • Increases your chain and sprocket life.
  • Fits easily & quickly to your bike.
  • Significantly reduces the need for motorcycle chain maintenance.
  • Handlebar display for on-the-go adjustments and riding information.
  • Includes Scorpion Dual Injector (RRP £24.99)
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While we tried to design the Scorpion in a way to make it suitable to most bikes, some bikes might not offer enough room to fit the Scorpion on the swingarm. Please check out model-specific installation guides and copabilitity section before purchasing.