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The Scottoiler vSystem Sport Edition is a vacuum operated chain oiler which automatically lubes your chain while you ride. The Sport Edition is perfect for the sportsbike rider who wants the same Scottoiler performance but is doing moderate mileage, or has little space for the original vSystem larger reservoir.

The vSystem Sport Edition will provide, on average, 500 miles of riding with a full RMV. This allows you the luxury of a full day of riding, then putting your bike in the garage and your feet on the couch. No more daily chain maintenance and an extremely discreet installation with the new vSystem Sport Edition!

  • Significantly increases chain life
  • Compact reservoir size
  • Oil capacity for 500 miles range
  • Easy to install – bike specific install guides available online
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Saves you time, money and hassle
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Due to its compact size, the vSystem Sport can fit on all bikes, even where limited space is available - making it the ideal solution to chain maintenance on your sports bike.