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q_bgDoes fitting a Scottoiler take away the need for all chain maintenance?

As the chain is automatically cleaned and lubricated, only chain tensioning is necessary which is at much longer intervals due to the reduced chain and sprocket wear.  However, depending on how clean you like to keep your bikes you may still find you want to give the chain a clean now and again, but what you’ll  find in doing so is that it will be so much easier to clean with a Scottoiler.

q_bgDoes fitting the Scottoiler affect the engine?

No. With our vacuum operated kits only a very small amount of air moves back and forth to operate the valve. The engine side of the diaphragm is 'closed' so no air can be drawn in. The unit does not use a continuous vacuum.  For our electronic kits they simply take a power feed from the battery.

q_bgWill it put oil on the rear tire?

A flow rate of between one to two drops per minute will provide an oil-film which will not pollute the running surface of the tire and will give a dramatic improvement in chain life. In conditions where high levels of dust, sand or heavy rain are present - more oil flow will be necessary to extend chain life.

q_bgHow does it work?

The Scottoiler vacuum systems are switched on and off automatically by a simple connection to the engine. This design enables accurate flow adjustment when the bike is stationary enabling correct chain lubrication without excess oil.  To find out in more detail how our different systems work, check out our how it works page.

q_bgHow often does it need filling?

It really depends on the system you’re going for – check the individual product pages for details on range between refills, but as a rule of thumb you’re looking at somewhere around 500-1000 miles. Using the Magnum HCR (High Capacity Reservoir) or Lube Tube can increase this further still.

q_bgIs the Scottoiler system necessary for 'O' ring chains?

'O' rings are made of rubber which has a high coefficient of friction. Unless the surfaces are kept moist, the rubber will harden and crack, exposing the link-pin to dirt and wear. The resulting 'tight spot' makes chain adjustment impossible. Two kilowatts of power can be converted to heat by seal friction on 'O' ring chains.  So, the answer is yes, you need a Scottoiler on any sealed chain!

q_bgDoes it work with a two-stroke, turbo-charged or fuel injected engine?

Yes to all three.  For more specific info just get in touch with your question.

q_bgWhich Scottoil should I use - Traditional blue or High Temperature red?

For riding in average ambient temperatures between 32-86°F we recommend you use blue Scottoil. The red High Temperature oil is ideal for touring abroad, but was developed specifically for Singapore, Australia and Parts of America that have on average ambient temperatures of 68-104°F. It is in a red labeled bottle and is red in color. Because of the increased viscosity this oil is also better suited for use with older Scottoiler kits or with faster flowing oilers.  For more information on the different oil options check out the Scottoil page.

q_bgWill fitting a Scottoiler invalidate my manufacturer's warranty?

We are occasionally asked the question "If I fit a Scottoiler to my motorcycle, will it invalidate my manufacturer's warranty?".  There seems to be a lot of confusion around this as the regulations are complex and not widely known.  Many people, including vehicle suppliers themselves, do not know the answer and have been known to supply incorrect information, so we thought we would try and answer the question for you once and for all, so here goes!

In the majority of cases fitting a Scottoiler to your motorcycle will not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.  On rare occasions for installations on some motorcycles it is necessary to insert a spigot into the manifold.  In this case then you are making irreversible modifications to your motorcycle and therefore it could be argued that the product will invalidate your warranty.  This type of installation of a Scottoiler is used rarely and mainly on older models (most of which have exceeded their manufacturer’s warranty period).

Installation of a Scottoiler to all California Spec. motorcycles is covered by an Executive Order (EO) from the California Air Resource Board (CARB) which excludes the product from anti-tampering regulations on the basis that it will not affect the motorcycle in any way and therefore should not affect the warranty.

To identify the type of installation required for your motorcycle simply refer to our model specific installation guides.

This position with warranty and the fitting of a Scottoiler is determined in the US by the Moss Magnuson Act: Vehicle Modifications and Warranty.  These regulations cover the issue of fitting parts and accessories to a vehicle that are not the manufacturer's original equipment.

Scottoiler products are produced to the highest standards of quality and carry the German TUV.  Scottoiler is also one of only 5% of UK companies to have both ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.  Scottoiler also supplies parts to vehicle assemblers which are of equal quality to those found in our aftermarket accessories.

Scottoiler have been making and selling chain lubrication systems for over 25 years.  By following our installation instructions a Scottoiler unit won’t harm your motorcycle in any way.  To ensure best results we recommend professional installation.

If you are in any doubt about this then please contact us directly so that we can help resolve the issue.


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