CARB & EVAP Information

Scottoiler’s vacuum operated vSystem chain oiler range has been fully tested by CARB, the California Air Resource Board and has been issued with an Executive Order exempting them from the anti-tampering regulations relating to the EVAP system (evaporative emissions system).  If you own a California spec model bike then you can be safe in the knowledge that fitting a Scottoiler to it is perfectly safe and legal.  Find out more about these regulations below.

What does this mean when fitting a Scottoiler vSystem?

Any products you fit to your bike that could affect the emissions must be tested by CARB in order to comply with US state emissions laws relating to anti-tampering before they can be installed.  Products which have been through this process are issued with an Exemption Order (EO) number showing they are exempt from this regulation and that the product will not adversely affect the emissions.

If you are considering fitting a Scottoiler ‘vSystem’ to your bike you can do so safe in the knowledge that the system has been tested and exempted from the anti-tampering regulations.

You can check out our original exemption certificate here CARB EO certificate

What is CARB?

CARB is the abbreviation for the California Air Resource Board, which is the regulatory body for air quality in California.

US air quality regulations are created nationally by the EPA (Environmental Protection agency) – state governments are then obliged to enforce the EPA minimum standards within their state, but each state can then opt to set their own minimum levels which exceed those set by the EPA which are to be enforced at state level.  CARB is one such state organization that has chosen to do so and some other states in the US have chosen to follow the CARB regulations.

For a full up to date list of the current states in the US that adopt CARB regulations please visit

What is a emporative emissions system (EVAP) system and where can I find it on my bike?

The evaporative emissions system (EVAP system) is designed to capture hydrocarbon vapors (fuel vapor) and recycle it back into the engine intake to be burnt as part of the normal fuelling process.  In doing so it prevents fuel tank vapor being released directly to the atmosphere thus improving overall emissions.

The EVAP system, in its simplest form, is made up of a charcoal filter canister which is attached to the bike by fuel vapor resistant tubing.  In most cases there is also a purge valve included in the system.  The charcoal canister collects fuel vapor from the fuel tank which is then sucked through into the engine for combustion along with air from the atmosphere.  The easiest way to identify the EVAP system is by the charcoal canister (a large black case with 2 or 3 pipes connected to it) which is normally connected to the fuel tank and inlet manifold.

Most new bikes in the US have EVAP systems installed, but older bikes which pre-date the legislation may not have them fitted as standard.

What is an Executive Order and why is it needed?

The EVAP system on your bike is legally protected in order to avoid tampering.  Any adaptation of this system is deemed a federal offence unless the product you are using is covered by an Executive Order.  The Executive Order provides a legal exemption to the anti-tampering regulations and allows the vacuum operated Scottoiler kits to be installed on bikes with EVAP systems installed.

So, it is perfectly safe and legal for you to install one of these kits to your bike if you have an EVAP system installed as the testing carried out by CARB has agreed that the vacuum operated Scottoiler does not affect bike emissions or the EVAP system.

How can I tell that the product is approved for installation on a bike with an EVAP system?

Products granted an Executive Order can be identified by a label on them with the EO (executive order) number displayed along with the company address and contact details.

The Scottoiler sticker will be mounted on the reservoir itself and will look similar to this.

If in any doubt, contact us.

What if I don’t have an EVAP system for my bike or I own a non Californian spce bike, can I fit one of those kits with the Exemption Order?

Yes.  The kit which has been granted the EO is also suitable for all non California spec models.  If you’re not sure check out our product specific install guides

Alternatively you can always fit a Scottoiler eSystem – this is our electronic kit which does not connect to the vacuum at all.