How it works

q_bgHow does the Scottoiler vSystem Motorbike Chain Oiler Work?

The oil is simply siphoned from the reservoir by gravity, the engine vacuum provides the power to open the valve and the dial at the top allows you to adjust the flow rate by opening/closing the valve aperture.

Check out the Scottoiler technical section to find out in more detail how the motorbike chain lube system works.

q_bgHow far can I go before I have to refill the reservoir?

The range on this kit is up to 1500 miles (depending on flow rate, speed, etc.) between reservoir refills.

q_bgWhat oil does the Scottoiler system take?

All Scottoiler motorbike chain oiler kits use our own specific oil developed for application through a motorbike chain lube system.  Our oils have a low tack additive to ensure dirt doesn’t stick letting the oil work on lubricating and protecting from corrosion.




We have received an Exemption Order for this product from the California Air Resource Board (CARB) in order to comply with US state emissions laws. For further information relating to CARB and EVAP systems please check out our information page.

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