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  • Dispenser Tubes – curved

    Curved dispenser tubes are sold in pairs and are available to replace old, worn or broken dispenser tubes.

  • Dual Injector Block with Screws

    The Dual Injector Block with Screws offers a mounting solution for the Scottoiler Dual Injector or twin feed as it’s often referred to.

  • Dual Injector Injectors – Long (75mm)

    The Dual Injector Injectors – Long (75mm) are a replacement part for the Dual Injector with an approximate length of 75mm.

  • Dual Injector Injectors – Standard (55mm)

    The Dual Injector Injectors – Standard (55mm) are the replacement nibs for the Dual Injector with an approximate length of 55mm.

  • Dual-Lock Sticky Fasteners

    Dual-Lock sticky fasteners are an excellent fastener solution which provides the option for mounting the Scottoiler eSystem display unit securely on a flat surface on the bike such as the head stock.

  • Ducati Dispenser

    The Scottoiler Ducati Dispenser provides the necessary parts required for the dispenser installation to these bikes. For the perfect dispenser setup on your Ducati models, […]

  • Estensione del beccuccio del tubo di riempimento/adescamento Bio-Oil

    The bio oil fill/primer hose spout extension is used to prime or refill your Scottoiler chain lube system from all climate biodegradable green oil –

  • eSystem Check Valve

    The eSystem check valve ensures that the eSystem only drips when the pump is operating.

  • eSystem Display Bracket & Screws

    The eSystem display bracket & screws fits to the back of the eSystem display allowing it to be mounted in numerous different locations due to its reversible and rotatable orientation design.

  • eSystem Display Unit

    The eSystem Display Unit (UK spec) provides eSystem users with overall control of their system from the saddle.

  • eSystem Reservoir

    The eSystem reservoir, as a major component of the eSystem, provides the reservoir and pumping action while the eSystem display unit provides the sensing and control for the system.

  • European Adapter

    The Scottoiler European adapter kit is required to complete the installation of the Scottoiler vSystem on the BMW F650 & 800 GS Twins from 2008 […]