Karakoram Son – 24000KM Around the World

Scottoiler Ambassador, Karakoram Son, recently embarked on an amazing trip around the world. He used a vSystem for his trip covering 24000km and has been kind enough to share his story with us in his own words.
Chain of Events – on 24000 KM Journey
Berlin, Jan 2018

Your chain and sprocket set needs to be replaced as well and it will cost extra ~450 euro”, BMW dealer mechanic on phone.
“But It had only 8000 km on them”, I panicked.
“Well, it does not look good and I recommend you to change before you depart on your around the World trip”.

I started to scrutinise my routine to clean and maintain my motorcycle chains. Contrary to results, I was under this impression that I was “Doing good” on maintenance. However this must be because of some or many inevitable kilometers on wet conditions or perhaps unoiled which caused that much damage.

Pre-Trip Blues
This was the last thing I wanted to hear from a cost standpoint. Also according to my maths on distance planned, I might be needing one chain set for per month. OHA! I was worried about how many to carry or where to buy them during the trip. The roads and condition in my trip were going to be more harsh as compared to Berlin and Germany. I had planned to do many off road sections in Turkey, Central Asia and Latin America. Additionally with a fully loaded motorcycle, I definitely needed a more smooth transmission and drive.

Karakoram Son vSystem

The Quest
I had heard about an automatic chain oiler and after my research online I found out about Scottoiler, Glasgow (UK) based family run business, who are themselves passionate motorcycle enthusiasts. I read some reports and reviews and compared them with alternatives. At the point of my travel they had many variations. I chose the Scottoiler vSystem which connects with vacuum body and is very simple to attach. I abstained myself from the extra electronically operated oiler systems. I wanted a simple, non electronic oiler with adjustable oil drop rate on chain.

I decided to buy it from our local shop Louis and the price at first seems steep compared to a bottle of Chain Spray. But because of my last experience with my chain and my long distance requirement, I felt it would be a long term investment.

Just before ordering it online, I thought lets share my plan with Scottoiler Team. I might get some supported equipment. They would also love to see how their products will perform in such harsh conditions. I receive a positive response in matters of few days and got device package. A vSystem with accessories and two bottles of oil with different temperatures. Wow, I never
considered this aspect of that. I really needed that as my route goes through different climate and temperature ranges.

Installation was easy and took under 30 minute. All details were provided in a well documented guide inside the box. Just attach it to body frame and fill up with oil. I had to do a little bit adjustment for the recommended oil drops per minute. All set and fingers crossed for next many thousands miles journey with this sprocket set.

Rough & Tough
My initial 5000 kilometres with a long detour in Europe and Balkans to Turkey had less unpaved roads but I had to drive in a lot of rain in the Dolomites and Alps. To my surprise so far my chain and sprocket looked in very good shape. However I did carry one set with me. Next many thousands miles, I had so very often off road sections, rain, muddy roads. The temperature in Turkey, Iran and Central Asia raised above to 40C and even some days between 45-48C (one of the toughest days on trip). My only job in all this time was to remove the mud and dirt from chain and sprockets and keep an eye on it.

In Duschanbe, Tajikistan, I changed plan to cross a very remote Bartang Valley in the Pamir range. My trip counter was close to 21000km, so I had to inspect all items especially before next 2500km.

After crossing from China to Pakistan, I wanted to change but somehow I pushed it a little more to its extreme (Not recommend in such remote areas). I had to adjust my chain every 2 days but I got an extra 2000km and reached Lahore where I changed my sprocket chain set first time since my trip.

To my surprise, It took me through 7 months, 24000 km and 28 countries. I took it through many extreme situations and conditions.

Karakoram Son vSystem

There is no perfect way to oil your motorcycle chain. But I have no doubt now that Scottoiler is the most important accessory i put on my motorcycle. It has not only prolonged my sprocket set but also saved my headache from one extra thing to take care of everyday on such a long tour.

It is a must add on for me and I see why BMW is partnered with such a high award winning brand.

The next stage of my motorcycle journey will take me from Ushuaia To Alaska and then Trans-America trail. I will use the eSystem, an electronically controlled chain oil system from Scottoiler. I look forward to that. Thank You.


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