Scottoiler xSystem - Motorcycle Chain Oiler

The Scottoiler xSystem is the easiest to install and most user friendly chain oiler yet. The revolutionary design makes the xSystem super compact whilst providing optimal chain lubrication. The new Scottoiler xSystem is perfect for your modern commuter or tourer, looking for a discreet solution to chain maintenance.

  • Motion activated chain oiler system
  • Simple connection direct to the battery
  • Easy installation on all motorbikes
  • Easily adjusted flowrate on the reservoir
  • New dispenser design

xSystem Features & Benefits

What’s in the Box?

Included in the xSystem chain oiler kit is the xSystem unit, including the new dispenser that makes installation the easiest yet, a 250ml bottle of Scottoil, providing more than four reservoir refills, tubing, clips, a set of installation instructions and an operating guide.

The xSystem unit can be mounted in different locations, e.g. onto the frame or under the seat, depending on rider preference.

Easy to Install

Featured for the first time in the xSystem is the new and unique dispenser design.

With the xSystem we are giving the user full control over where and how the dispenser can be mounted. The new dispenser design uses high quality 3M tape that sticks to all surfaces and offers an easy and effective solution.

Compatible with all types of swingarms, left or right chain transmission systems and even single sided swingarms the new dispenser design makes the installation of the xSystem system even more reliable and discreet.

Easy to Use

The triple axis accelerometer ensures the xSystem only lubricates when you are moving. This guarantees lubrication only when you need it and allows for stop-start control.

Using this technology the unit will go into deep sleep mode when you finish your ride, drawing a minimal amount of power from your bike’s battery. When you start your next ride the xSystem will wake up from the sleep mode and continue maintaining your chain.

The xSystem has 5 flow-rate settings that allow for all types of riding conditions which are easily adjusted on the reservoir unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the xSystem motorbike chain oiler from Scottoiler work?

The xSystem chain oiler is an electronically pumped system, so the oil is forced from the reservoir to the chain.  The inbuilt accelerometer senses the bikes movement and will automatically start-stop the lubrication when you start your bike.

How far can I go before I have to refill the reservoir?

The range on this kit is up to 1500 miles (depending on flow rate, speed, etc.) between reservoir refills – check the reservoir limited through the sight glass on each side.

How much power does the xSystem need?

When the engine is off, the xSystem draws less than 1 milli-amp of power.  This is significantly less than the current drawn by a modern alarm so you don’t need to worry about the power drain on the battery.

What oil does the Scottoiler xSystem take?

All Scottoiler motorbike chain oiler kits use our very own oil specially developed for use with a motorcycle chain lubricator system.  Our oil works better because it has a low tack additive to ensure dirt doesn’t stick. This gets the oil to work on lubricating and protecting from corrosion.

xSystem Installation Video Guide