Scottoiler vSystem | Product Profile

When we research, develop and create our award-winning products we do so with bikers, and bikers alone in mind. This is because our team is largely made up of all types of bikers – seasoned riders, former competitors and weekend riders. This allows us to approach each of our products from unique perspectives and identify exactly what riders want and what they need – ensuring YOU get the best product to suit your riding experience!

We know how important it is to our customers for us to be up-front and add value to every biker’s experience when using a Scottoiler product –  be it a chain oiler or one of our bike protection products.

Therefore, meet the most quintessential of the Scottoiler product catalogue – The vSystem. This is the original, quintessential automatic chain lubrication system, conceived and brought to market in 1983! Some things have changed since then – learn how we’ve refined a winner below.


vSystem – How Does It Work?

Using gravity as a carrier, the vSystem siphons specially formulated Scottoil from the reservoir – powered by the engine vacuum which allows you to open the valve and adjust the flow rate as you see fit. This is then used to constantly lubricate your chain in tiny doses, saving you the inconvenience of lubricating every 350 miles or as recommended to you manually.



How Long Will It Last Between Refills?

Around 1500 miles is the accepted standard, however this can deviate above or below dependent on your flow rate settings and/or speed. Our oil is meant to be micro-dosed on to the chain, therefore if your adjustable flow rate is set correctly you’ll use hardly any oil at all. You can check out our regular cooler temp oil here – with higher temp oil for warmer climates available here (if you ride in the chilly U.K. that sentence may as well finish with “Cool Temp Oil Here”). A 500ml bottle, on average, should last you up to 10,000 miles of hassle-free riding!

In Short – What’s In It For Me?

The benefits are clear to see. With a Scottoiler vSystem you can –

Does no worries, short start-up time and stress-free riding sound good to you? Click here to shop the Scottoiler vSystem and revolutionise your riding experience – No Hassle, Just Ride.

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