Harley Davidson | Pan America | What Can You Expect?

You’d be forgiven for adopting a cautious approach to excitement these days – bad news seems to outnumber the good and it’s tough to see events, products and exciting times all shot down due to the dreaded virus. However, with mass vaccination programmes underway globally and the light at the end of the tunnel growing ever-brighter, we can start getting excited for the new season and some beautiful new bikes! And what more exciting than heavyweight Harley Davidson’s foray into our chain-focused world – at last! For something that seemed as fanciful and as long-awaited than Oasis getting back together (except this has actually happened) the chain-driven Pan America will launch in a matter of days. Read on to find out what you can expect and the big question – is it compatible with all Scottoiler chain oilers?

A New Direction

Harleys can sometimes fall foul of the classic stereotype – bulky and heavy cruisers which therefore negate the possibility of a nippy touring bike. Diversification has saved and even reinvented several brands and manufacturers over the years, so you would have expected that Harley would at some point pivot and bring us a lighter and more mobile bike. This has been the case, however classic Harley elements have been retained as not to depart completely from what the giant can offer. To their benefit or not? We’ll let you decide.

Time to talk the torque – Harley’s latest powerful engine, the 1250cc Revolution Max, produces 145 bhp and 80 ft. lbs of torque – the 60 degree V-twin providing such horsepower. Brakes will come courtesy of Brembo -twin four-piston calliper brakes with an internal counter balancer also present for steadying vibrations. Michelin are providing the off-road tires, with likely option for customization where needed*. The internal counter balancer will help negate those bad vibrations. customary with belting around deserts I’m sure.

*Michelin Man fitting your tires for you not included.


With the new Pan America you do have the ability to tinker slightly and gear it up for some road riding, as well as firing through sand dunes and rocky landscapes  like Jason Momoa at his cool but carefree best. While we can’t promise you’ll look cool and rugged like Aquaman (ever seen them in the same room together?) we can pretty much guarantee that the bike will be suitable for riding on the road too. Despite it’s bulky frame, indicators in the handguards have been removed from the original design – highlighting the desire from Harley to make it accessible for the road. New tires will be needed for taking the bike off the beaten dirt track, but as this is simply achieved it won’t take much to get this bike on the road too, opening up accessibility for many riders.

A Dash of HD

The sleek dashboard on the new Pan America contains a TFT screen, with accompanying buttons giving the ability to adjust cruise control and audio entertainment systems on the go. Ever wanted to rip through remote America blasting Fortunate Son on a Harley? Now’s your chance. with modern adjustments bringing us away from 1969 and in to 2021. It certainly looks that Harley have gone all out to modernize their adventure offering while still retaining the classic cruiser look for your viewing and riding pleasure!

Scottoiler – Where Do We Come In?

This wouldn’t be a Scottoiler article without mention of our chain oiling offerings – and what we can do with regards to this brand new Harley. The answer is as much as we always do! Going by what we’ve seen we can fit the vSystem, our vacuum-powered system, and both of our electronic systems with ease  – the xSystem and the eSystem v3.1. Scottoiler systems are well-renowned for adaptability and universality with bikes and this latest offering is no different. We will be publishing installation guides and tips as soon as we can get our hands on one of these coveted bad boys – watch this space!

Pan America – When Can I Get One?

Not sure! Honesty is the best policy.

However the official reveal for the Pan America is due to take place on the 22nd February – would’ve been more appropriate on Valentine’s Day to be honest. Follow this link and you can sign up for their “reveal” event – promising adventure on your own terms. The world is a little bit upside-down at the moment, with not much to do but work Zoom calls and endless Gogglebox on TV – go get some adventure on your own terms here!