Our Environmental Commitments

COP26 has been and passed with somewhat of a commitment to the environment agreed upon by the countries participating – with some unfortunate variance on wording taking away the prospect of a fully successful conference.  However positive steps have been taken and we can only hope that we can get on the right track to extending the life and respecting the planet we all live and thrive and ride on!

We spoke about commitments that Scottoiler have made to the environment prior to COP26 and discussed further initiatives to help offset our carbon footprint – as well as showcasing our new Biodegradable All Climate Oil – which will help chain oilers worldwide have a less impactful push on the environment.

This posts will recap our efforts – old and new – read on to find out more.

Around the Office

The best place to start is Scottoiler HQ, where we combine both an office and production setting in order to best streamline operations. All of the lighting around the office was ripped out and replaced with LED strip lights in order to ensure less energy usage  – the energy we do use has been gathered from our solar panels too. We also operate a Cycle-To-Work scheme which allows everyone the option to lessen their emissions by not taking the car every day – or even the bike! Use of the public transport systems around the office are encouraged too.

We also abide by *the* environmental standard, ISO 140001 to ensure that our standards are in line with other participating businesses across the globe.  We’re always looking for more suggestions/initiatives/actions to take or abide by – please contact us with any ideas.

Further Afield

Our current project currently involves us planting trees in Kenya, the number of these directly linkable to the amount of emissions we create as a business – with the objective being to become Carbon Neutral by planting as many trees. This isn’t the only solution required however, as in an ideal world we would create less emissions however it does help our cause for now. We’ve actually now committed to to planting a tree for every kit sold on our site, starting from the beginning of this month, in order to become Carbon Negative and have a positive impact on the environment!

We’ve also carried out some quick maths and worked out roughly how many chains we’ve saved from going to landfill! The number works out at roughly 1.75 million chains since we opened our doors 40 or so years ago, based on the number of kits sold as well as how much we can increase chain life (by up to 3.5 times)! As a business it’s always good to know that your kits are in demand, they’re doing what they’re supposed to and they can help bikers around the world. But it is a great feeling to know that we’ve helped avoid so much scrap metal being dispersed around the world.

Product Focus

As you may have seen, we’ve announced our new Scottoiler Biodegradable All Climate Oil (we’ll allow Bio Oil) – with the release date to follow soon. Readily biodegradable, as well as available for all climates, this oil will be perfect for those wanting to minimise their footprint every time they ride as well as ensuring they’re sorted for any climate that may be thrown their way (Scotland is good for throwing up random combinations). Keep your eye out for a giveaway very soon too – you may get your hands on one of the first bottles!

If you have any further suggestions for us please contact us through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or on theinventor@scottoiler.com – No Hassle, Just Ride