FS 365 | #LoveYourBike | Application Walkthrough

If you’re a regular follower of our social media channels, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been feeling romantic since Valentine’s Day with our #LoveYourBike campaign – with content surrounding our award-winning complete bike protector the order of the day. We’ve told you all about the benefits, the offers we have and what others think of it too. But we’ve not told you how to apply it yet! It might seem obvious but your bike is your pride and joy – no second guessing should be done. It is simple though – read on for more….

A Liberal Spray

No need to be shy with FS 365 – you can spray all over the bike for maximum effect. Since it is water-based,  FS 365 finds it easier to work it’s way all over the bike, ensuring an even coating with the ability to get into all those difficult nooks and crannies! No need to squeeze yourself into awkward positions desperately trying to clean “under there” or “between that and that” – FS 365 should do it for you. Your bike stays clean and your back remains un-strained.


Yes! Well, one or two more obvious exceptions. Try to avoid spraying FS 365 on your brake discs, callipers etc. but if you do, don’t panic. It’s not an issue. Simply, as you can see in the video above, wash off with water. Since FS 365 is water-based this will simply carry it off the bike no problem. As we do recommend an all-over, liberal spray there always is risk you can get it on these areas – but with this quick fix it’s not a problem.

Can I Use It With Any Other Products?

You guessed it, yes! Your conventional, well known barrier protectors can be used in tandem with FS 365 too (we’ll let you fill in the names). FS 365’s main application method is to be applied after every ride, consistently over time to build up a barrier against corrosive elements from the road and the great outdoors. You can still apply your regular barrier protectors, leaving them on over time while upkeeping a regular FS 365 application routine – for best protection! Plus it’s biodegradable too, meaning your impact on the environment is lessened by using FS 365 as opposed to other barrier protectors – but if you’re using FS 365 with others you’ll know you’re helping positively impact the environment a little.

Any more questions about FS 365? Email us at technical@scottoiler.com or message us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – #LoveYourBike



Scottoiler and our Carbon Neutral Status

Scottoiler have been proudly Carbon Neutral since 2015 – participating in regeneration and tree planting projects globally to offset our ever-reducing emissions. As well as this, we’re looking to become Carbon Negative by planting a tree for every kit sale this year! Click this link to find out more about our environment commitments and any suggestions are more than welcome!