Red Rider – vSystem Review

Red Rider is a Hungarian based Youtuber. Starting his channel in 2016, he has grown to have over 25,000 subscribers and 2 million views. His channel offers great content, vlogging his trips across Europe, most recently across Slovenia, as well as offering helpful advice to riders just starting out. He was kind to write this review of the Scottoiler vSystem which you can read below. 

I’ve been thinking about getting a chain oiler for my motorbike for a while now, a few of my friends also recommended it to me, and since the Hungarian motorcycle parts store became the official distributor of Scottoiler in Hungary, I decided to give their vSystem a try. I didn’t regret it!

The installation was simple, as Scottoiler’s website has a guide for nearly every motorbike make and model. Since I’m a beginner in motorbike tinkering, the whole thing took around 2-3 hours for me, however those with a little more expertise can easily do it in an hour.

I spent most of the time locating and reaching the EVAP purge valve for my vacuum source, but after that it was quick and straightforward. Also every necessary part needed to install the kit were provided in the box.

After the installation the testing phase began. Dripping every 60-80 seconds seemed to work out the best for me. It basically leaves no trace, doesn’t smudge or splash, and on contrary to regular chain oilers it doesn’t get sticky.

All in all I have a really positive impression of this chain oiler, it needed minimal maintenance and also performed excellently on its first big tour, where I travelled 1800 kilometres with an extra passenger on both dirt roads and tarmac.

I can definitely recommend it to everyone, especially for those who travel a lot!


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