Are Motorcycles better for the enviornment?

Are motorcycles better for the environment than cars? It might seem an easy question to answer at first. They use an internal combustion engine and use fossil fuels so of course they can’t be any better. However, the real answer isn’t quite so simple.

A study from Green Choice shows that generally the emissions of motorbikes are much lower than cars, and these emissions are also partly offset by increased road efficiency (less time stuck in traffic etc) and lower fuel consumption. As well as that, a study by the Transport & Mobility Leuven in 2012 points to the benefits increased motorcycle usage would have on easing congestion in major cities. The carbon footprint of motorcycles gets even smaller when you consider that 60% of car journeys are single occupancy, reducing the efficiency of cars.

Smaller motorbikes and scooters are well known for their efficiency (a Vespa scooter for example will produce 72% less C02 than a car). As well, the motorcycling world is slowly catching up with electric bikes as well. Motorcycles such as the Livewire by Harley Davidson represent the future of motorcycling, one that has a minimal impact on the environment without impacting performance or feel.

The environmental impact of your vehicle is incredibly important. As we see the effects of climate change becoming visible across the globe, riders will have to consider these things more and more when riding. At Scottoiler, we pride ourselves on doing the best we can for the planet. Read more about us as a business and our Carbon Neutral here.