Traveller Expansion Bag


  • Adds 2500M/4000Km of hassle-free riding
  • Compactable, easy-to-fit concealable reservoir
  • Super-durable see through bag, installation in all places
  • Compatible with all available Scottoiler systems
  • Adaptors included for all Scottoiler systems

The Traveller Expansion Bag acts as a range extender, connecting to any Scottoiler chain oiler reservoir to provide additional chain oil for those long tours, or to make topping up for your daily commute less frequent. Remove any extra hassle from your bike maintenance regime with the Traveller – allowing you to spend more time on the road!

The Traveller’s malleable and versatile material means that it can fit easily on to any bike, ensuring that safe storage of your excess chain oil is guaranteed. With easy-to-operate twist-lock connector in place, oil will remain supplementing your Scottoiler’s reservoir while you ride carefree on the road.