Scottoiler Warranty Policy

All Scottoiler products are warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects for 24 months from the date of first purchase.

Should a Scottoiler product be sold on within this 24 month period, the warranty will be considered transferred to the new owner for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

The Scottoiler Warranty does not cover installation, removal or re-installation costs.

Scottoiler is the world leader in automatic chain lubrication systems for motorcycles. All Scottoiler products are built to the highest quality standards using the best components and manufacturing practices. Scottoiler is one of only 5% of UK companies to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality) & ISO14001 (Environment) Standards.

Scottoiler products do not contain any consumer serviceable parts and should not be disassembled. Products that are incorrectly installed, altered, subjected to pressurised air, used with lubricants other than Scottoil, taken apart, or subject to damage in any way will not be covered under the Scottoiler warranty.

Scottoiler requires its Distributors and Retailers to extend to their Customers substantially the same warranty as that extended to them by Scottoiler.

Application of Warranty

Prior to making a warranty claim please visit the Scottoiler Knowledge Base in order to troubleshoot the issue first. In many cases, a warranty claim can often be avoided by exploring alternative solutions as the first step.

After this, any Scottoiler product suspected of being defective should be returned to the Retailer that it was purchased from. Product returned to the Retailer by the consumer should be inspected and an initial diagnosis determined before raising a warranty claim with the Distributor.

Upon receipt of a valid warranty claim from a Retailer, the Distributor should replace the product as required and collect all the information needed to help diagnose the suspected issue, including a full description of the issue supported by photo and/or video evidence.

The Distributor should then contact Scottoiler Customer Support ( for assistance before submitting their warranty claim.

The Distributor shall, if required, submit to Scottoiler Customer Support for inspection any products alleged to be damaged or defective.

Scottoiler will determine through its testing if the goods are covered under warranty and replacements provided as required.