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The Scottoiler Essentials Micro vSystem is our latest, easily accessible chain oiler kit intended universally for all bikes. Packaged with a smaller reservoir (35ml, or 750miles approximately) it becomes easier to fit especially on modern motorcycles with limited space for installation. The kit includes all of the installation pieces needed, instructions, reservoir and warranty – oil is not included to allow customers the chance to select their own oil including the new All Climate Biodegradable Green Scottoil.

The Essentials Micro vSystem uses a gravity feed – powered by the engine vacuum – to push oil through and lubricate the sprocket face, and therefore the chain. Your chain will be lubricated as you ride – consistently with your adjustable settings – with the lubrication stopping when you stop. Save Time, Money and Hassle with a Scottoiler Chain Oiler.

Over 500,000 bikers worldwide have experienced hassle-free chain lubrication – find out more below and join them!

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