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  • Bio-Oil Filling/Priming Tube Spout Extension

    The Bio-Oil Filling/Priming Tube Spout Extension is used to prime or refill your Scottoiler Chain Oiling System from the Green Biodegradable All Climate Green Oil […]

  • eSystem v3.1 Extension Cable

    Extension cable accessory for the eSystem. SA-0780BL  

  • Ducati Dispenser

    The Scottoiler Ducati Dispenser provides the necessary parts required for the dispenser installation to these bikes. For the perfect dispenser setup on your Ducati models, […]

  • eSystem Reservoir

    The eSystem reservoir, as a major component of the eSystem, provides the reservoir and pumping action while the eSystem display unit provides the sensing and control for the system.

  • eSystem v3.1 Display Unit

    The eSystem Display Unit (UK spec) provides eSystem users with overall control of their system from the saddle.

  • Dispenser Assembly with Injector

    The Scottoiler Dispenser, which comes complete with dispenser tube, carries the oil from the reservoir to the chain and sprockets.

  • Scottoiler Filling & Priming Spout

    Looking to secure a top-up for your Scottoiler chain oiler system? The Scottoiler Filling and Priming Spout connects directly to the top of the Scottoil […]

  • Vacuum Tubing

    The Vacuum Tubing is for connecting the Scottoiler reservoir to the engine vacuum and is made of high quality fuel resistant material for safety.

  • vSystem Reservoir

    The Scottoiler vSystem Reservoir includes the metering for the flow rate. The range of the oil reservoir is between 1000 – 1500 miles.

  • Micro vSystem RMV

    The vSystem Reservoir is for replacing a reservoir on your Scottoiler Essentials Micro vSystem.

  • vSystem Spares Kit Bag

    The vSystem kit bag contains a selection of small parts required to install the vSystem kit to a wide range of bike models.