Scottoiler extend BMW Motorrad partnership

Glasgow-based chain lubrication systems experts, Scottoiler, have announced an extension of their successful partnership with BMW Motorrad with the launch of a new co-branded chain oiler.

Following the success of their collaboration on the existing F700GS and F800GS models, the BMW Motorrad automatic chain lubrication system will be available in early 2018 as an optional accessory for the new BMW F750GS and F850GS models.

Project Manager Matthias Ennen said: “We have been working with BMW over the last few years to integrate the Scottoiler systems into their new chain driven models and we are very excited to finally see the finished product hit the market.

“The Scottoiler chain lubrication system will blend seamlessly with the F750GS and F850GS and automatically take over users’ chain maintenance regime.”

Scottoiler systems are designed to remove the messy and time consuming task of manually lubricating the motorbike chain whilst offering increased chain and sprockets life in addition to improved final drive efficiency.

The system, which comprises an oil reservoir, vacuum controlled valve and dispenser assembly to gravity feed lubricant onto the rear sprocket, maintains the final drive transmission automatically during riding.

Fiona Scott Thomson, Managing Director of Scottoiler, stated: “Scottoiler is widely recognised as the leading expert on chain maintenance and this relationship with BMW Motorrad highlights our expertise, the quality of our products and the importance of proper chain maintenance with an on board system.”

Installation of the chain-lubrication system will be performed by BMW Motorrad technicians ensuring that the product installation is of the highest possible standard. The new chain oiler product will be available exclusively through the BMW Motorrad worldwide dealer network.

In addition, customers will have a choice of two oils, Scottoil Standard which is designed for average daily temperatures of 0-30°C (32-86°F), and Scottoil Super which is designed for average daily temperatures of 20-40°C (68-104°F).  Unlike traditional chain care products Scottoil is designed to be used specifically with Scottoiler automatic chain lubrication systems.