Scottoiler Launch New FS 365 250ml Compact Spray

Motorcycle chain lubrication specialists Scottoiler are introducing a new product line into their FS 365 Complete Bike Protector range. The latest addition to their award-winning protection family is the FS 365 250ml Compact. Supporting the launch will be a series of promotions to showcase the FS 365 range ahead of the approaching off-season.

FS 365 is an award-winning, spray-on protector product which is specially formulated to prevent corrosion, and make cleaning easier, thus preserving the integrity and looks of your pride and joy! FS 365 uses water as it’s carrier to get it into all the difficult to reach nooks and crannies of your bike. This then evaporates, leaving a film of protection on all surfaces. FS 365 can be applied all over the bike and it is safe to use on all materials, making it easy to apply. FS 365 250ML Compact trigger spray creates a fine, directed mist making application safe and easy as well as being better for the environment than aerosol-based products.

FS 365 is ideal for the regular road rider and off-roaders alike, providing an easy to clean protective layer that makes removing accumulated dirt after a ride a breeze. The new Compact aims to introduce riders to FS 365 for the first time as an impulse purchase at the till point. The perfect size for those wishing to try FS 365 for the first time, the new Compact gives a number of applications at the low entry price point of just £3.99.

Commercial Director, Matt Ennen commented;

“All of us at Scottoiler are very excited to be adding to the highly regarded FS 365 product family. As well as rigorous research and testing, we’ve been listening to your feedback and with the new Compact we’re responding to requests for a smaller, lightweight first-try solution. We hope that in this compacted package motorcyclists will try the product and realise how well it eliminates the hassle of cleaning and protection. I’ve been trialling the new Compact myself and the spray pattern is ideal for FS 365, giving a perfect protected finish to my machine.”

Promotional launch activities will run from Wednesday 18th September through to Wednesday 9th October 2019, with Scottoiler giving away a 250ml Compact with all Scottoiler Chain Oiler Kits and Scorpion Dual Injectors purchased directly by the consumer through our online shop. In addition, a 25% discount is also being applied on both the FS 365 1L spray and 5L refill products allowing customers to stock up on the corrosion-neutralising spray after having tried it for the first time.

As well as this, Scottoiler will be running FS 365 giveaways across their social media channels for the duration of the promotion.

Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Muddle noted;

“It’s great to be able to offer first-class corrosion protection to a whole new group of motorcyclists in an affordable and compact package alongside a series of great promotions. We want everyone to be able to benefit from the amazing protective qualities of FS 365, a bottle of which should be an essential feature in every motorcyclist’s garage.”

The FS 365 Complete Bike Protector 250ml Compact Spray will be available to buy separately, as well as within special officer package deals from Wednesday 18th September. Available from all good motorcycle dealers and online –


About Scottoiler

The Scottoiler story began with a great idea. In the late 1970s, our founder (and dedicated biker) Fraser Scott turned his idea into reality with the invention of an automatic chain oiler.

Without enough money in the early days to market the product properly, he was able to grow the business by word of mouth, building sales as satisfied customers spread the news to friends and local dealers about the benefits of a Scottoiler. More than 30 years on, we export our high quality products to over 30 plus markets worldwide and have partnerships in place with world class companies like BMW. We’re still a family-run business, one which is highly regarded throughout the global motorcycle industry.

Our in-house R&D team at our Glasgow headquarters continue to innovate combining quality and reliability with our brand values of passion, precision and progress to create market leading products. Sourcing locally where possible we’re proud to take a sustainable and ethical approach to all our operations.