Motorcycle Live 2019 – What’s on Offer?

It’s that time of year again – a year’s worth of biking mayhem jammed into eight days with Motorcycle Live 2019! The world’s bikers gather together with some of the biggest names in industry – think BMW Motorrad, Honda, Suzuki and Ducati – to check out all the latest models and must-have accessories for the year ahead!

We know throwing a bunch of names at you might work –  they are the biggest and best after all – but you’ll probably need to know more. Look no further than this handy guide, showcasing the best of this year’s MCL – brought to you by the Scottoiler Team! More on our stand at MCL to follow – we’ll have all the product and promotion details out there for your viewing pleasure soon!

Motorcycle Live 2019 Moto Cirque Scottoiler

Moto Cirque – Not Your Ordinary Bike Show

Like bikes? We guess that’s probably a given. Like bikes with world-class stunt riders and freestyle motocross – all blended into one colourful package? Probably, but you’ll have to find out.

Moto Cirque, debuting at MCL in 2018, is an unrivalled, unique and highly-charged performance which combines incredible skill and showbiz with dazzling special effects to captivate audiences, biker or not. It’s not just limited to motorbikes however – bike, motocross and BMX stunts are all on full display. If it’s on two wheels and can be rode with some tenacity, chances are you’ll find it here.

If the family are starting to wane a little, this might be the perfect show to take them too and get them back in the mood for bikes!

the national motorcycle museum picture of the classic motorcycle scottoiler

Classic Bikes – Bought to You by The National Motorcycle Musueum

Normally it’s hard enough to even get close to classic bikes, given their rarity and precious value to their owners. That changes this year, with Motorcycle Live 2019 brining an array of bikes from 1904 to 1929 in partnership with the National Motorcycle Museum – available to admire and even sit on! While I’d be scared to do so, the bikes are preserved and maintained to such a condition where getting hands-on is completely safe and encouraged!

Sometimes history can be a little dull – rev it back up by admiring the collection that the esteemed National Motorcycle Museum has produced for this year’s show. From the family-run organisation which boasts over 1000 British bikes, the largest collection in the world, you know you’ll be getting an authentic experience.

For more on the museums collection, and what they can offer, check them out here.

*NEW* Custom Heroes Segment

Custom Xtreme’s self-proclaimed “show-within-a-show” has returned with a defining twist this year, showcasing not only amazing bikes but the renowned craftsmen that make them possible! While not all of the heroes have been announced so far, the one that has is Steve Slight – or better known as Joeby’s Airbrush Art.

Highly endorsed by Larry Lamb of Lamb Engineering, Steve’s powers range from recreating classic race colours to custom, intricate designs such as shimmering gold leaf or strikingly realistic caricatures. We don’t think that means you can ask for your face on a bike however – try asking at your peril!

An insight into Steve, and the other heroes’ crafts will be granted in the special demonstration area, as well as a chance to meet these craftsman in person. If you want to contact Joeby’s Airbrush Art for custom work, or just get an insight into his craft click here!

Hands on with the Newest and Best

BMW Motorrad 2020 Bike Scottoiler

All this walking around the sizeable NEC  would leave even the hardiest of individuals slightly knackered, don’t you think? The way we see it, the best manner in which you could relax could be hopping on the latest bike from BMW Motorrad as well as adventure bikes from Honda, Triumph and Yamaha…

As mentioned, the chance to sample the latest BMW bike will be on offer on their “Rolling Road” feature, open to seasoned riders and novices looking for their first ride in an easy environment! As well as this, you can find out about their esteemed “Rookie to Rider” scheme, which allows participants to learn their trade, as well as scoop £1000 worth of training gear and a BMW bike!

If adventure is more your vice, then we’ve definitely spotted the feature for you! Featuring thrills and spills for the beginner adventure biker, sample the off-road experience from the comfort of a very large exhibition centre – best way to try, right? If not for the adventure, come for the bikes, with Honda, Yamaha and Triumph supplying their very best for you to rip around in.

On Your Bike – Take the Kids for a Ride at MCL!

Novice or pro, young or old there’s a chance for YOU to get on some of the newest and sleekest bikes around at Motorcycle Live 2019! If you’re looking to get the wee nippers their first taste of boosting around a track like there’s no tomorrow, get them to the OSET eBikes’ Children’s Riding Feature sharp! For riders as young as 3, with bikes going up to adult size, this is the best opportunity to get the little ones into the family passion!

To get them into some proper kit, as well as hands-on lessons check out the Arenacross Youth Experience – please note that you’ll have to book PRIOR to the show to guarantee participation!

Going with a bike-mad other half, or coming along with the in-laws for the show? If you’re not bike savvy then the chance to familiarise yourself with a whole new world comes in the form of MCIA and Motorcycle Live’s joint venture – Try Ride, in association with MCN! As the name would suggest this acts as a lead-in for complete novices, with brakes, gears and slow speed handling allowing you to see if you want to lead a life on two wheels going forward.

With satisfaction rates of 97%, you’ll certainly have a good time! Kit is also provided by the instructor you’ll have an authentic 20 minutes in a whole new world!

That’s Not All..

With over 200 exhibitors at Motorcycle Live 2019, as well as celebrity and product based competitions there’s a whole array to keep you occupied every day and leave you coming back for more! To buy tickets please follow the link here – get them now before it’s too late!

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