Scorpion Dual Injector | Product Profile

When we research, develop and create our award-winning products we do so with bikers, and bikers alone in mind. This is because our team is largely made up of all types of bikers – seasoned riders, former competitors and weekend riders. This allows us to approach each of our products from unique perspectives and identify exactly what riders want and what they need – ensuring YOU get the best product to suit your riding experience!

We know how important it is to our customers for us to be up-front and add value to every biker’s experience when using a Scottoiler product – be it a chain oiler or one of our bike protection products.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to the ultimate Scottoiler chain oiler upgrade – The Scorpion Dual Injector. Based on our popular Dual Injector solution of previous years, the new unique pincer nozzles allow for precise and mess-free delivery to both sides of the chain. Reducing oil use and leading to a cleaner transmission, this one-time investment of £24.99 can also lead to reducing your oil use!

Scorpion Dual Injector – What’s New?

Having heard concerns on the flexibility and application of the Dual Injector, a new Multiform Dispenser Mount has been introduced to counter these concerns and get this essential on to as many bikes as possible! Combining super-flexible adhesive tape with the ability to bend and cut it at will, the end result of this addition is that it can now fit onto nearly all swingarm types and be further adjusted to best improve oil distribution.

Also included is extended pincer nozzles to account for toe guards being in the way – Africa Twin owners fear not!

In Short – What’s In It For Me?

All sound good to you? Check out the Scorpion Dual Injector here – and reduce your maintenance hassle even further!

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