Motorcycle Live 2019 – Our Best Bits!

The dust has settled on another year at Motorcycle Live, with a fast-paced show and even faster coffee breaks punctuating what felt like another rapid yet enjoyable storm of technical talk and Scottoiler demonstrations! While impossible to pinpoint our best bits, and most valuable takeaways from the show, we’ll do our best (and it wasn’t just the post-show curries!)


Scottoiler’s Best Bits

Having been in the handy, easily-identifiable location between BMW Motorrad and Kawasaki, we were almost overwhelmed with the number of Scottoiler users, new and old – as well as curious bikers – throughout the full nine days. It was a great chance to catch up with some old faces, make some new friends and better understand our business partners from all over the world.

Therefore, we had plenty of time to chat about the benefits of all of our systems, future plans for the business and how we see Scottoiler fitting in to the modern bike! The xSystem, our most user-friendly chain oiler system, was the topic of conversation 95% of the time! With so many new bikers all over the world, looking to secure the best solution for them, the xSystem was by far the most talked-about system given it’s fit-and-forget nature and it’s ease-of-use functionality.


Furthermore, it was great to hear about all the miles you’ve accumulated and the time you’ve saved by using our automatic chain oilers! One man (cheers George) had managed to do 98,000 miles on his VFR using the vSystem, without having to change the chain once! As well as this incredible feat, we had a lot of testimonials come our way noting that we had allowed for 30,40,50k miles on the road without any chain replacement to date – we’re certainly proud to hear that.

Our Favourite Stands/Experiences

With the NEC being such a huge set-up, you would be hard-pressed to identify a set of highlights – all the stands looked amazing! From the futuristic, dazzling strobe display offered by Kawasaki to the sleek urban metropolis that was Harley Davidson, the aesthetics at the show were mind-boggling! However, we’ve managed to narrow down our three favourites below – we couldn’t pick ourselves unfortunately!


Austin Racing

Having been our across-the-way neighbours, we couldn’t dare miss them out of our favourite stands! With some powerful-sounding exhausts and even more powerful-sounding speakers, Austin Racing combined some beautiful bikes with desirable exhaust, both of which got us across the way to check them out countless times! With a busy stand to boot, it’s clear that they also enjoyed a great show. Hope to see you guys next year – cheers!


BMW Motorrad

Our official OEM partners BMW did not disappoint with their mammoth stand, spanning an entire quadrant of Hall 3A! Featuring a rolling road and a “try-bike” area, as well as an opportunity to win an all-around-the-world trip, there was certainly something for all kinds of rider there!



Not sure this qualifies as a stand as opposed to a full-blown riot, but the Moto-Cirque show was certainly a sight to behold this year! With incredible flips, twists and full on no-hands action, the motocross riders certainly did not disappoint, with a certain level of self-confidence and fearlessness required to pull their stunts off.


Looking Forward…

Generally speaking, it was great to thank our loyal customers for their custom, hear some great stories and convert some non-believers into Scottoiler buffs. Some great advice, customer needs and wants have been taken into account and put to R&D and Marketing for further consideration – 2020 is going to be a year to watch for Scottoiler!