New Years Resolutions – Scottoiler Edition

An all important, yet sometimes daunting tradition is devise at least one resolution for the year ahead after the bells ring out – as if everything changes after a new years begins! While the author of this particular piece may be cynical (due to their inability to stick to any of them) it doesn’t mean that Scottoiler has to be the same.

Here’s our New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 – let us know yours via any of our social media handles!


Keep on Innovating

With a large amount of resources, time and effort committed to R&D at Scottoiler, it’s clear that the desire to devise innovative and unique chain lubrication solutions is prevalent throughout the company. The culture is that of looking towards impactful, meaningful change especially with a potentially changing motorcycle market looking forward. 2020 is going to bring new, creative solutions to modern day biker problems – brace yourself and stay tuned for all the latest details!

Keep You in Scottoiler’s Focus!

The above innovation is of course not possible without listening to our loyal and honest customers. Having such responsive feedback from customers on social or through the website is ideal for seeing where we need to be next and what products YOU want. Our flagship product started with an idea and spread using opinion and word-of-mouth – there’s no reason to suggest any of our products should be any different. If you do have any ideas please contact or message any of our social pages.


Meet More Bikers

With such a great array of shows coming up throughout the year we’re looking to choose the best to attend and interact with all of you. Whether you’re Scottoiler believer, one-time-customer or sceptic we want to start the conversation. Let us know what shows you want to see us at, what you want to see from us there (not universally free kits, sorry) and what you want to ask. Glasgow’s lovely but we want to get globe-trotting and meet our worldwide customer base!

What’s Yours?

We’ve done our bit – tell us about your New Year’s resolutions. Finally going to nab yourself a shiny Panigale? Going to spend less time with the love of your life and more time with your family? Let us know what you’ve got going on – all the best for 2020!