Scottoiler Announces New xSystem 2.0. Electronic Chain Oiler

Motorcycle chain lubrication specialists Scottoiler are delighted to announce the newest version of their popular electronic chain oiling system – the xSystem 2.0.

The new version of the highly popular user friendly chain oiler is a result of extensive biker feedback as well as three years of intensive research and development in-house at Scottoiler. New software developments have allowed for an increase from 5 to 15 flow rates, granting greater precision and adaptability for the xSystem. These have been introduced with Off-Road, Road and Track riders in mind.

With a new solenoid valve utilised, installation and priming have been made even easier, cementing the xSystem as Scottoiler’s most user-friendly chain oiler – and perfect for the modern motorcyclist.

Furthermore, a temperature sensor has been added allowing the system to adapt to the climate around you as you ride and dispensing oil accordingly. For example, if temperatures are warmer, oil will thin and dispense too quickly – the sensor recognises the change and adjusts dispensing appropriately.

Matthias Ennen, Commercial Director at Scottoiler commented;

“Great products require a lot of user feedback and in-house development – we’d like to thank everyone who provided this to us and we are confident that we’ve met people’s needs with this product. The newest edition of our ever-popular xSystem, the 2.0, allows an easy installation experience with minimal technical knowledge required – with the product itself containing many new innovations. In particular, the temperature sensor detecting when to dispense more or less oil depending on climate is a game-changer and will improve chain oiling for everyone!”

To support the launch, Scottoiler will be providing all distributors with access to marketing materials to help promote the product, as well as operating their own promotions and social media content throughout the release.

The xSystem 2.0. will be released to consumers from 24th May 2021. Customers can pre-order now from as well as from all good motorcycle dealers.



Motorcycles run like a thread through Fraser’s life and like most successful businesses, the Scottoiler story began with a great idea. On his journey to meet a girl he devised the first motorcycle chain oiler and believing in his invention led him to create a product that over time has turned into an international business.

Having created a chain oiler prototype in the late 1970s, Fraser set up small scale manufacturing and launched the first Scottoiler system at the UK motorcycle show in 1984.

Through the renowned biker grapevine, word-of-mouth began to spread and sales quickly followed. Full-time staff were brought on to establish Scottoiler as a professional business, eventually leading to widespread recognition in the motorcycle community.

Scottoiler products are now available in over 40 countries around the world and we are working with motorcycle manufacturers like BMW Motorrad and KTM who have introduced Scottoiler chain oiler systems as official accessories.

Fraser has passed on the reins to the next generation where a range of chain oilers, accessories and other brilliant ideas now feature under the brand. While motorcycling continues to evolve in new and exciting directions we’re ready to play our part in the next chapter of the story.

Thanks for joining us on our journey. We look forward to taking care of your motorcycle chain.

See you on the road,

Your Scottoiler Team