Scottoiler xSystem 2.0. – What’s New?

As you may have heard, we’re releasing a brand new, updated version of the Scottoiler xSystem. Popular due to it’s user-friendly installation, easily-concealable reservoir and simple dispensing adjustment, the xSystem 2.0. builds on already loved features and brings in a few new tricks of its own. Read on to find out how the xSystem 2.0. can improve and enhance your chain oiling experience.



After extensive feedback on the xSystem and what could be done to improve the already strong dispensing methods, we decided to increase the number of flow rates from a simple, yet effective, 5 to 15. This was done to reflect the xSystem 2.0s versatility – this system is used by Road, Off-Road and Track riders alike so these flow rates have been added to enhance performance for those three types of Scottoiler user.  As well as this, more “slow range” settings have been added in due to customer requests for more low range moderation. Below is a list of the new flow rates and how they work –


To further enhance the precision of chain oiling in all climates, the xSystem 2.0 comes with a built in temperature sensor which detects what climate you’re riding in and changes the level of oil dispensed accordingly. As ambient temperature increases the viscosity of oil decreases, meaning that in warmer climates it will become thinner and dispense faster in greater volumes. The algorithm in the sensor will recognise this and dispense more consistently, ensuring no waste and over-oiling of your chain!

The xSystem 2.0 also now uses a solenoid valve instead of a diaphragm pump. This removes the need to use a check valve in the delivery tube so installation and priming are much simpler and quicker – ensuring that once again, the xSystem 2.0 is cemented as the most user-friendly chain oiler.



With it’s new solenoid activation the xSystem 2.0 remains the easiest Scottoiler kit to install. It is even easier to fit than the original xSystem​.

With no check valve required, installation and priming are even easier, straight out of the box, giving a much improved customer experience​.

The xSystem 2.0 offers an increased range of flow rates, up from 5 to 15, with more slow flow rates added in response to customer feedback​.

Flow rate ranges of Rapid, Middle and Slow equating to OFF-ROAD, ROAD and TRACK, provide customers more choice and a useful guide to which flowrates to use for their ride​.

The new temperature sensor and control algorithm automatically adjust for temperature fluctuations to further make the xSystem 2.0 the most user friendly chain oiler yet​.


You can pre-order the new xSystem 2.0. by clicking the link here – dispatches will begin on the 24th of May. Available from all reputable motorcycle dealers soon!