Sprocket Rocket | Where Do I Mount My Dispenser?

Would you mount a TV on the floor? A camera on the side of the stand? Perhaps your toilet roll holder on the ceiling? Nope! 

It’s good to make things make sense when you set them up – Scottoiler Motorcycle Chain Oilers are no different. Whether you have the vSystem, xSystem or eSystem the mounting of the dispenser on the sprocket, to feed the oil through, is essential for optimum Scottoiler performance. Read on to find out why….

No Fling

A long-held Scottoiler myth is that Scottoiler chain oilers fling oil -and the resulting build up of road dirt, molasses etc – all over the shop when you use them.¬†This isn’t actually the case – only if you mount the chain oiler slightly above the sprocket, as opposed to gently touching the sprocket face. Wind pressure from around the bike will facilitate this and it’s not recommended for Scottoiler systems as a result. In the past we’ve talked to people confused about why there was so much fling – we’re not a messy bunch, we promise!

Letting the dispenser gently “kiss” the sprocket face allows for an even, consistent dispersion of oil which does not fling all over the place and instead lubricates the sprocket, and therefore chain, all the way round while you ride. Take care to avoid sprocket bolts, lightening holes, the teeth and the chain itself. The slash cut at the end should be facing outwards, as shown opposite, to avoid it being blocked by grit or friction. Click here for a good example from our vSystem installation video.

Any Exceptions?

No, but sometimes, the make/model of the bike will facilitate the need for adapters to ensure best installation and therefore best performance of our motorcycle chain oilers. Click here to find out if this concerns you – and your sprocket – and feel free to explore the rest of our Knowledge Base for installation advice and Technical Support.

No Hassle – Just Ride!