Traveller Expansion Bag – What’s In The Box?

Time for another instalment of everyone’s favourite guessing game – What’s In The Box? (language once again)

This time it’s the turn of our latest range extending product, the Traveller Expansion Bag.

The Traveller acts as a direct continuation of our range extending line, with the every-popular Lube Tube now discontinued in place of it’s sleeker, more malleable and opaque wee brother. With it’s predecessor acting as the benchmark for range extending products, this iteration takes all the positive points of the Lube Tube and builds on the areas for improvement to ensure a smooth range extending experience. While the Lube Tube did fit many bikes it was starting to struggle with newer, more compact models – the Traveller can fit easily into any nook and cranny for ease of installation and hiding the bag.

Let’s get into the good stuff though, eh?

Inside you can see the bag itself, the instructions and a small bag containing some confusing looking connectors. Worry not! They’re simply there to allow for ease of connection to both the xSystem and the eSystem/vSystem – the latter two use the sameĀ  connector. Easy-to-use and twist-lock in variety, they’re optimized to complement the quick installation of the Traveller. Ensuring a tight, correct connection to your system is key – ease of Scottoil flow allows your reservoir to stay topped up for longer.

Taking a closer look at the bag, you can see that it has a number of small holes dotted around the exterior. This is to ensure ease of installation via securing it to the bike – under the seat or within the interior of the frame can be good places to secure and keep the bag discreet.

Of course the bag is compatible with both Scottoil Blue and Scottoiler High Temperature Red – the choice of which to use of course lies with the climate of where you’re riding either regularly or touring of course. And a gentle reminder that both are compatible oils – so using one won’t result in you needing to clean out your reservoir and Traveller Expansion Bag. The total capacity of the bag at any one time is enough for 2500m/4000km of hassle-free riding!

The Traveller Expansion Bag is available to buy from the Scottoiler website and any other reputable motorcycle accessory retailers online – here’s even more info if you want it!