Scottoiler Announces Distribution Partnership with Tucker USA


Scottoiler are delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with US distribution giant Tucker Powersports covering the markets of the US and Mexico. With over 50 years’ experience Tucker is a world-class leader in the delivery of powersports aftermarket parts, accessories and apparel. Scottoiler are the world leaders in chain lubrication systems for motorcycles with over 35 years’ experience in this area and Tucker will offer their full range of automatic chain oilers, refill oils and accessories including their new Biodegradable Scottoil.

With the new chain driven Harley Davidson Pan America topping US sales charts the demand for chain-oiling solutions in the Harley dominated US market has been steadily increasing. Combining Tucker’s market reach and reputation for superior customer support with the increasing demand for the hassle saving solutions that Scottoiler provides, many more motorcyclists will have ready access to Scottoiler products with a backup service and support of an industry leader to really inspire confidence in the brand.

 Nick Muddle, Sales and Marketing Director of Scottoiler, had this to say:

 “We’re really pleased to be working with Tucker. Scottoiler products have been available in the US for a number of years, but the distribution reach that Tucker provides will offer a big step forward in further establishing the Scottoiler brand in the states and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. We’re excited to be joining the family of successful brands already distributed by Tucker.”

 Tucker will begin offering Scottoiler products to its dealers in the US and Mexico from July 2022. 

 Scott Palmer, Vendor Manager of Tucker Powersports, said:  

We are thrilled that Tucker Powersports will become the exclusive distributor for the Scottoiler multi award- winning chain lube systems in the U.S. Scottoiler shares the same passion as Tucker in their dedication to delivering the best for their customers. These systems eliminate the hassle of lubing your chain by automatically distributing lubricant, extending the life of the chain and sprocket up to 7-times. In addition to their other top-quality lubricants, Scottoiler has developed the first biodegradable oil which further complements their Carbon Neutral operations. Tucker Powersports looks forward to building this partnership with Scottoiler and helping to expand their success in the U.S. market.”

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The Scottoiler story began with a great idea. In the late 1970’s, our founder (and dedicated motorcyclist) Fraser Scott turned his idea into reality with the invention of an automatic chain oiler.

Without enough money in the early days to market the product properly, he was able to grow the business by word of mouth, building sales as satisfied customers spread the news to friends and local dealers about the benefits of a Scottoiler. More than 35 years on, we export our high-quality products to over 40 plus markets worldwide and have partnerships in place with world class companies like BMW & KTM. We’re still a family-run business, one which is highly regarded throughout the global motorcycle industry.

Our in-house R&D team at our Glasgow headquarters continue to innovate combining quality and reliability with our brand values of passion, precision and progress to create market leading products.


“Delivering some of the most influential brands in powersports, Tucker is a leading supplier to powersports retailers across the nation. Tucker offers tens of thousands of products from the world-class brands that today’s powersports dealers and enthusiasts ask for by name.

 Today Tucker is a world-class leader in the delivery of powersports products to our dealer network and the services we offer to both our brand partners and dealers is unrivalled. Tucker is everything from distribution, sales and customer service to marketing, advertising and brand building. As we embrace changes in our industry, we lead the pack with innovation. One of our many strengths is our ability to build strong relationships and come together as a family. While staying true to our humble beginnings, we move forward to a faster, more powerful Tucker!

With over 52 years of experience, knowledgeable staff of trained professionals, and focus on superior customer support, Tucker aims to deliver the excitement of powersports to dealers and enthusiasts alike.”


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