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Over the next ten years, global industries will have to make a huge shift towards eco-friendly energy in order to counteract the effects of climate change. The extremes of which we are seeing already, like record heat waves across the UK or severe flooding in Pakistan only serve to highlight this need.

Within the motorcycle industry, we are seeing a push towards a better future. In this week’s blog we are taking a look at what some of the world’s biggest bike manufacturers are doing to push us there. We will focus on the US’s three biggest manufacturers; Harley-Davidson, Honda and Yamaha.


Harley needs no introduction and is perhaps the most famous bike manufacturer in the world. Its name conjures nothing but style, attitude and exuberance, but that it isn’t always the best for the planet.

Fortunately, Harley has made some excellent steps over the last few years to clean up their production and make it better for the planet. In the company’s most recent Inclusive Stakeholder Management Report they detail the ways that Harley Davidson plans to make eco-friendly production a reality. Firstly, they have committed to halving their carbon emissions by 2030, and forging a path to Net-Zero by 2050. Though they don’t offer much detail, It’s great for a brand like Harley to set an industry precedent for other manufacturers.

Also, Harley is investing heavily in their e-motorbike production. With the creation of the LiveWire brand and the introduction of the LiveWire ONE model in 2020, Harley can see where the future is headed and clearly want to build a name for themselves in this field.