Scottoil Refill Lubricants

Scottoil Refill Lubricants comes in 3 different forms: Standard Blue Scottoil and High-Temperature Red Scottoil and Biodegradable All Climate Green Oil

Scottoiler Workshop Scottoil Bottle

q_bg What’s the difference?

Both the Standard Blue and High Temperature Red oils have the same chemical makeup although the High-Temperature Scottoil is more viscous and therefore slightly thicker, meaning it will flow more slowly at higher temperatures than traditional blue Scottoil.  Other than that, they’re the same and can even be mixed. So if you’re changing over from one oil to the other there’s no need to drain the system and start again, they’ll blend, saving you waste.

Our Bio-Oil is blended with a vegetable oil base, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to the Red and Blue oils that is readily bio-degradable. The formulation of this product was inspired by our commitments as a business to protecting the environment, which you can read more about here.

q_bg Which one do you need?

Your choice of oils is dependent on the average riding temperatures you usually experience.  Between average temperatures of 0-30°C (32°F-86°F), we recommend Standard Blue Scottoil.  For higher average temperatures go for Red as it will be a more suitable lubricant on the chain and will also be easy to regulate through the vacuum operated systems.  The Red High-Temperature Scottoil should be used in daily average temperatures of 20-40°C (68°F-104°F). Our All Climate Biodegradable Oil can be used in hot or cold climates and comes in a recyclable plastic bottle with a twist lock cap.

In some cases, we would recommend you use Red High-Temperature or All Climate Biodegradable Scottoil if your reservoir is located near a hot spot on the engine, as this will warm the oil in the reservoir to the operating range more suited to the red oil,