Scottoiler eSystem | Product Profile

When we research, develop and create our award-winning products we do so with bikers, and bikers alone in mind. This is because our team is largely made up of all types of bikers – seasoned riders, former competitors and weekend riders. This allows us to approach each of our products from unique perspectives and identify exactly what riders want and what they need – ensuring YOU get the best product to suit your riding experience!

We know how important it is to our customers for us to be up-front and add value to every biker’s experience when using a Scottoiler product – be it a chain oiler or one of our bike protection products.

This led us on to the creation of our premium electronic chain oiler offering – The Scottoiler eSystem!

The eSystem – How Does It Work?

Requiring only a small power feed from the battery port on the motorcycle, the install of the eSystem is very easy and takes under an hour to do! Executed by connecting the wiring loom to the battery, it’s known as our most „plug-and-play“ offering. It removes a lot of the technical work involved with fitting a Scottoiler system also, with no wiring or tapping into speedometers/switches involved.

The eSystem senses vibration and movement with a triple axis accelerometer, using technology derived from MotoGP. It will sense when the engine is running and power on, then once moving – even at constant motorway cruising speeds – the sensor will monitor engine vibrations and trigger the eSystem’s oiling mode. The system displays this information on the screen along with the flow rate, the temperature in Celsius, and oil level alongside the accelerometer readout in ‘G’.

The one-touch, accessible display enables full control over flow rate to ensure that you adapt to any conditions and deliver the correct amount of oil to your chain. Dynamic chain-oiling has never been so easy!

How Long Do You Have Between Refills?

The range on this kit is up to 1500 miles (depending on flow rate, speed, etc.) between reservoir refills – it will tell you when it is running low so you can top up. Given the hassle-free nature of the product, you can be assured that this is a very quick process.

eSystem In Short – What’s In It For Me?

By choosing the premium „plug-and-play“ electronic chain oiler system, you’re entitling

  •  Extend your chain and sprocket life. By constantly lubricating your chain you’re extending the chain’s life and ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • Save time by not needing to constantly maintain your chain. Take the hassle out of riding and take to the road – something so liberating shouldn’t be weighed down by constant maintenance, right?
  • Never worry about chain failure on the road – ride stress-free without thinking about hours spent at the side of the road!
  •  Complete technological control over how often and how your chain is lubricated to ensure best contextual results.

Does complete control, while also keeping your mind on the road sound ideal to you? Click here to shop the eSystem and save yourself the hassle – just ride!