What’s In The Box? – eSystem v3.1. Electronic Chain Oiler

Whaaaatts in the boooxxxxx?

(Caution, if you don’t like colourful language, then don’t click the link.)

Now we’ve got your attention, and you’ve definitely clicked the link, lets talk eSystem!

We’re always happy to help all of our customers – especially Brad – and talk through one of the main questions you may have when picking up one of our products, or eying it up online. While our snazzy new box design may provide you with some good hints, as well as product images you may have seen beforehand, its natural to be curious. So let’s dive in and unbox our award-winning MCN product!

A Cheerful Welcome!

We’ve sold to, had business in or just generally had presence in some 40+ countries since we began business in 1984 – that’s some amount of global coverage to be proud of! This was just last count too – we’ve expanded out to Finland, The Baltics and South Africa since then. This box intends to pay homage to our global nature and thank every one of you for your support – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are!


Bits and Pieces

Above you can see all of the box components, all playing a part big or small, to ensure your best chain oiling experience and remove the hassle of chain lubrication from your life. One notable components is the dispenser tubing, used to carry the oil from the reservoir on to the sprocket, and subsequently the chain. A bag full of the important parts you’ll need to mount your chain oiler, including the sticky pad and eSystem Display Bracket for mounting your display. Speaking of..


Touch and Go

One of the biggest draws of the Scottoiler eSystem v3.1. is the new-and-improved display unit, allowing total control of chain oiling at your fingertips! Now featuring additional flow rates settings for even more control, as well as self-calibration and smart settings which remember your settings between rides. With button and interface redesign to ensure best functionality, we believe that the eSystem v3.1. Display Unit is the smartest chain oiling control in the industry right now.

High Res

Scottoiler reservoirs are designed for ease of refill, ease of installation on the bike and durability in warm or rough conditions. The reservoir works with a small pump in it’s head, which sucks oil from the bottom of the reservoir, pumps it past the check valve, into the delivery tubing and to your chain.

The Full Package

Thanks for reading through our unboxing of the Scottoiler eSystem v3.1! For more on the revolutionary, smart chain oiler click here for the dedicated product page. For more on the vSystem or the brand new xSystem 2.0 – click here and here (respectively)!