eSystem Chain Oiler

The eSystem is our award-winning, premium motorcycle chain lubrication system and the flagship model from Scottoiler.  Voted MCN Product of the Year its fantastic technical features, ease of installation and on-the-road performance combine to create the most advanced motorcycle chain maintenance tool we have ever developed.

Updated to the v3.1 to reflect technological progression, the v3.1 boasts software and hardware upgrades – with memory retaining settings between rides, self-calibration and new added flow rates – establishing it’s place as our premium chain oiler offering.


  • Electronic Motorcycle Chain Oiler
  • Extends the life of your chain and sprockets
  • Takes over the entire chain maintenance regime
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Full control through handlebar display
  • Saves you time, money and hassle

The eSystem is an electronically pumped motorcycle chain oiler requiring only a small power feed from the battery to operate. It can be installed on most bikes in under an hour by connecting the wiring loom to the battery; this plug and play connectivity means the eSystem is the easiest electronic motorcycle chain oiler ever developed.  Unlike some other products, there is no complicated wiring or tapping into speedometers or switches.

The eSystem is designed to give the rider maximum flexibility and adjustability of their flow rate and allows for simple, one-touch changes to adjust the rate to suit conditions.  Therefore the eSystem puts the rider in control and provides simple, intuitive means to dynamically adjust the rate to suit your needs.

The eSystem senses vibration and movement with a triple axis accelerometer, using technology derived from MotoGP.  It will sense when the engine is running and power on, then once moving – even at constant motorway cruising speeds – the sensor will monitor engine vibrations and trigger the eSystem’s oiling mode.  The system displays this information on the screen along with the flow rate, the temperature in Celsius, and oil level alongside the accelerometer readout.

Compare Systems

  • Features
    • Connection: Vacuum
    • Easy and quick to fit
    • Significantly reduces chain maintenance
    • Temperature Adjustment: Manual adjustment
    • Flowrates: Manual adjustment
    • Self-calibrating and retains all settings
    • Can be connected to accessories manager
    • Handlebar display for quick control
    • Prices from £119.99
  • Features
    • Connection: Electric
    • Easy and quick to fit
    • Significantly reduces chain maintenance
    • Temperature Adjustment: Auto adjusted
    • Flowrates: 15 settings to choose from
    • Self-calibrating and retains all settings
    • Can be connected to accessories manager
    • Prices from £249.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the eSystem motorbike chain oiler from Scottoiler work?

This motorbike chain oiler system is an electronically pumped system, so the oil is forced from the reservoir to the chain by the REP. Check out the technical section to find out more about how the system works.

How far can I go before I have to refill the reservoir?

The range on this kit is up to 1500 miles (depending on flow rate, speed, etc.) between reservoir refills – it will tell you when it is running low so you can top up.

How much power does the eSystem need?

When the engine is off, the eSystem draws less than 1 milli-amp of power. This is significantly less than the current drawn by a modern alarm so you don’t need to worry about the power drain on the battery.

What oil does the Scottoiler eSystem take?

All Scottoiler motorbike chain oiler kits use our very own oil specially developed for use with a motorcycle chain lubricator system. Our oil works better because it has a low tack additive to ensure dirt doesn’t stick. This gets the oil to work on lubricating and protecting from corrosion.