FS 365 | #LoveYourBike | In Short

We’re coming to the end of our #LoveYourBike campaign with FS 365 campaign – present on our website and across our social media channels – with plenty of content, discourse and educating on the magical blue stuff we want you to spray your bike with! We’ve enjoyed shouting about our award-winning complete bike protector and what it can do for your bike in the short and long term and as a result we’ve decided to compile a best bits, greatest hits etc section of the campaign. Read on…

Compacts FOC

As part of the campaign we wanted to get more compacts into the hands of our customers – people normally come for the chain oil(ers) but we wanted them to stay for the FS 365! Therefore we gave away a free FS 365 Compact 250ml as well as instructions on its application and long term use with every vSystem, xSystem and eSystem chain oilers. We’ve seen a marked interest increase in FS 365 since then  – 19% increase since this time last year – so we’re happy the word is spreading further and we’re more than happy to keep providing more information to adjust to this.

Spray Day

While it might appear to be reasonably self-explanatory – spray all over the bike, avoid the usual suspects  – it’s important to have a gander at the instructions to ensure you’re getting the best out of your FS 365 and carrying it all over your bike. Spray liberally but of course try to avoid brake discs, callipers tires etc. But if you do manage to hit those not-so-sweet spots, no panic. Simply use water to wash it off and since FS 365 is water based it will carry very quickly off the bike. No harm done.

Be My Guest

Biker confidence in our products is very important to us – you can’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth when you’re looking to purchase anything but the bikersphere (?) seems to have a real focus on authentic, honest reviews as there is a large degree of trust between those involved.  Therefore we like to involve comprehensive, fair third-party reviews across our website, YouTube and other social media channels to reassure bikers that it’s not just us – others love FS 365 too!


Thank You!

For engaging with the campaign, taking time to read about FS 365 and understand why we keep shouting about it all the time! It’s a perfect complement to an extensive bike-care routine as well as a long-term barrier protector (if you don’t fancy a winter ride). One last time, if you want to know more about our award-winning Complete Bike Protector then click here – to perhaps purchase a bottle of the good stuff then this is the link you need.


#LoveYourBike #NoHassleJustRide