What is FS 365?

FS 365 is water-based, which allows it to travel across the bike when sprayed into all of the difficult nooks and crannies you wouldn’t be able to reach normally.  It’s a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and the aforementioned water aspect too. It’s also readily biodegradable too – meaning when you wash/buff it off environmental impact is eased compared to other non-biodegradable substances.

How Does It Work?

As you might imagine from a barrier protector, FS 365 creates a barrier film on the bike when sprayed all over, which penetrates and protects your bike from road dirt, corrosion and all the nasty stuff on the road! FS 365 is designed to be an accessory to your bike protection – meaning it can be used in tandem with other products to build up a robust protection for your pride and joy!

How Do I Apply FS 365?

Using the trigger-nozzle, spray all over the bike taking care to avoid brake discs, callipers and tires. The trigger will create a fine mist for ease of application everywhere. If you do get FS 365 on any of these simply wash them off with water. Spray regularly after every ride, or if you leave your bike in storage, spray at regular intervals over time.