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Want to explore the chain lubrication systems that we offer? Looking to upgrade your existing chain oiler system? We offer an extensive range of products, from chain oiler systems to accessories, lubricants and spares and adapters, should you need any.

Chain Oiler Systems (4)

We produce a range of motorbike chain lube kits to suit everyone with bike specific fitting guides.
Chain Oiler Systems

Accessories (2)

Want to increase the range on your system or find out about our motorcycle cruise control?

Lubes & Protectors (6)

Top up oil for your motorbike chain lube system and take a look at our award winning Scottoiler FS 365 Corrosion Protector.
Lubes & Protectors

Spares & Adapters (39)

Need spares for your Scottoiler system – flick through the range of spares and adaptors available.
Spares & Adapters