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The latest addition to the Scottoiler family, the xSystem 3.0, represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor. This advanced chain oiler system boasts cutting-edge features, making it our most user-friendly model to date. With both software and hardware enhancements, the xSystem 3.0 stands out as the most powerful chain oiling system in our lineup.

Noteworthy improvements include a reduced power consumption, ensuring efficiency without compromising performance. The system exhibits a faster response rate, ensuring a swift and precise oil delivery to your motorcycle chain. One standout feature is the introduction of the Switched Live connection, allowing riders to seamlessly integrate their Scottoiler with a pre-existing accessory manager.

  • Motion activated chain oiler system
  • Simple, direct connection to the motorcycle battery or NEW switched live connection
  • Easy, user-friendly installation on all motorbikes
  • 15 flow rates – now with added choice for precise lubrication
  • Saves you time, money and hassle
  • 23 x 22 x 6 cm; 675 Grams

Maintaining the revolutionary design of it’s predecessor, the xSystem 3.0 is super compact whilst providing optimal chain lubrication. The new Scottoiler xSystem is perfect for your modern commuter or tourer looking for a discreet solution to chain maintenance.

Included in the xSystem 3.0 chain oiler kit is the new and improved xSystem 3.0 unit with new hardware and software, a 8.4fl.oz bottle of Biodegradable All Climate Green Scottoil providing more than four reservoir refills, tubing, clips, a set of installation instructions and an operating guide.


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